1080i performance boost?!?!?!?

Hi guys,

I seem to get a mssive performance boost in game, and on 3d mark with a 1080i tv plugged in. Its native resolution is 1366x768 but CCC wont let me run it at native, so I have to run it at 1920x1080 and I get average 8 fps more than on my 1680x1050. I get the same result when I put my tv onto my flatmates PC (we both have ati gpu's, 5770 and 5870), or use my other 1080i monitor on my pc.

Has anyone come across this before? or anyone have any suggestions why the **** performance goes up with 1080i?

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  1. If the native res is 13 x 7 then it won't be running at 19 x 10 but at 12 x7 which is like 1080i being scaled down to 720i in that it looks very similar.
  2. its actually being upscaled to 1920x1080, this is the thing, alot of new 1080 tv's actually have a native resalution of 1366x768, but are upscaled to 1920x1080
  3. sorry, the image is being scaled to fit 1366x768, it displays 1080, but at 768!!i had the option of running 1366x768 on my CCC with my 4870, but with my 5770 i dont have that option. The resolution is definitely different!

    TV firmware just makes 1080i, 'fit' to a 1366x768,

    And from that i get a massive performance boost?
  4. Yes, because there are less pixels to push about.
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