Can i use my towere as storage for the laptop???

is it possible to hook my laptop up to the tower?
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  1. If both computers have an ethernet (network) port you could purchase a small 5 port switch and some ethernet cable and network them together. As a cheaper solution, you could probably get a crossover cable and connect the two computers together. All that's left is to assign each computer an IP address and turn on file printing & sharing on each computer.

    You can use these as IP addresses.
  2. Thank you for give it a go...
  3. If that's too complex for you, you might be able to get away with something like this. Just be aware that USB file transfers will be slower than network transfers,
  4. Hi i had a look at that and the reviews were not to good...i only want to put back for the laptop onto the tower so its safe,,,i tried a usb memory stick and it wouldnt accept the data...then it took up tons of memory and i had to get someone to sort it all my mind it was simple just attach the 2 comps via usb....i bet your rofl at my simple mind...thank you for replying..its very kind of you
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