Stuck "wich gfx card"

hi guyz,
i know its a common question but-

i need to buy a new gfx card as my 8800gt is goin faulty. ive been leaning towards a gtx 260/275 but the 4870 and 4890 is too hard to make me be 100% certain on nvidia.

its the physix on nvidia thats got me. does it realy make alot of difference and does it give alot more better eye candy?

my specs:

e8400 @ 3 ghz
4 gig ocz 800
ocz gamesextreme 700w
asus 750i p5n-d

i have max £175 but would like to spend from £120-£150 but would spend abit more if the gtx 275 was worth it

my monitor is only 19" @ 1440x900 and i dont plan on upgrading soon with it.

i love to run games at max with no stutters at all so plz gave me a good idea on wich to buy plz guyz

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  1. The GTX 275 is a good card....if u are want to know if physx makes alot of difference to the visuals then the answer is yes and only if the game gets it right....for me, the one which made physx look better was batman: arkham added so much tiny details in effects like papers flying when kicked, realistic fog, etc....Go for the GTX then....
  2. thx for your fast reply,

    so at my res will i be overkill or will it bottleneck my cpu?
    or should i just get a gtx 260?

    but if i will be fine with a gtx 275 i will go order 1
  3. physX makes no difference to graphic quality, its a physics engine.....hence physX, and its becoming obsolete as Nvidia and ATi wont agree on standardisation!!

    Just look at Havok with geomod!!much better than physX and multi-platform!my honest recommendation would be to look at a dx11 gpu, like the 5850!

    Tessellation is the future, and this is much better developed by DX11 gpu's, in game physics are beinf rendered on the cpu now, opposed to software controllers such as havok!!

    Btw, havok is owned by Microsoft and supported by AMD (ATi) and Intel, where as physX is ONLY Nvidia, pushing thier prices up!!! price to performance ratio, the 5850 is your bag!!!if you can stretch to £200 and future proof yourself

    or go for a 5770 now, and get another one later
  4. If PhysX is importaint then go Nvidia but I'd say a GTX260 is plenty at that resolution.
    Also consider the HD5770, it is well within budget and matches the GTX260 for performance while having DX11 available for future releases-but only if you use Vista or Win7, DX11 is not available for XP users.
  5. Coozie hit it on the head, If you have XP you won't benefit from the dx11 capabilities of the HD 5770 but I do recommend it as an option for you as it will perform very well for your setup and later if you upgrade to Vista or Windows 7 (if you don't have it already) you will already be capable of running dx11.

    If I were you and wanted to keep the cost down well below the 5850 I would go with the HD 5770.

    I have a GTX 275 in my main gaming system but I would rather have the HD 5770 or crossfire for the extra features the 5770 brings to the table...
  6. Every card has its pros and cons....ATi 5 series has DX11 but its for newer OS and the game r few right now....NVidia has Physx which adds special effects to ur game but costs a bit more than ATI.....But what ultimately will b the deciding points are Price, customer support and ur satisfaction....For ur res GTX 260 will do fine but if u want a more powerful card u can have 275....the ATi is also a nice option.....
  7. i forgot to say i will be bulding a new pc in about 18 months to upgrade again as i7 will be dirt cheap, so i think that ill buy this gtx 260 its only £135 and by what ur all sayin it should hold its own in games at high settings at my res and it should cover me for the next 18 months.. and yes im still using XP
  8. The 260 will do fine. So you will stay with XP for the next 18 months too? If so, then it makes sense.

    If you see yourself upgrading to Windows 7 beforehand, get the HD 5770 dx11 card. Heres a growing list of reasons to consider a dx11 card:

    Either way you will be happy with either card. Just don't buy the dx10 card if you upgrade your OS before you build your new system in 18 months...
  10. HD 5770 cheaper than GTX 275 by £40 and £20 less than the GTX 260. It's a DX11 and throw in another for an upgrade.....ooh no...crossfire! It's your money to waste.

    I have 2x HD 5770's in crossfire and my flat mate has the HD 5870....Exact same results - crossfire massively improved from 4000 series. Like to see nvidia compete and give me DX11.

    PhysX is OLD....made by a proprietary 3rd party....bought out by Nvidia, so they will milk it for all they can, from your wallets.
  11. pr0phet ur the f00l look at my mobo its not cf its sli and im not changing mobos so 1 5770 is out the question
  12. it does get to a point were the game can only do so well regardless of the cfx.
    I have 2x HD 5770's in crossfire and my flat mate has the HD 5870

    That is because they both are so over powered for today's games, neither can be used at its full potential. IF your upgrading in 18 months just get a single 4890 (equivalent to the 5770). i got a 4850 and it runs great.
  13. @ Doggerdaz: The cards mentioned here are all fairly equal with the 1Gb HD4870 being slightly faster overall and the GTX260/HD5770 being slightly slower. At your given resolution the GTX275/HD4890 is simply going to be money wasted unless you are into >8X AA and 16X AF eye candy.
    The final decision is yours: If PhysX is importaint then the slightly more expensive GTX260 is a good choice, if not the 1Gb HD4870 is a little faster and cheaper.
    If you you planned to build new/upgrade sooner then I'd demand you get a HD5770 or even HD5850;). Yes, I know the DX10/11 goodness is not available for us low life XP users, but you could use the card in the new build, perhaps adding a second for CF in the process (my plan, Q1 2010).
    And CRdloader: The HD5770 is just a little slower than the HD4870, the HD4890 is a fair bit faster than either.
  14. As others stated, you are upgrading later so crossfire isn't an issue. A single HD 5770 and be done with it is my recommendation but to each his own. All 3 cards mentioned will do the current job just fine...
  15. 4890 is cheaper and is very comparable to 5770. 5770 only has advantage in vista with dx11.
  16. CRdloader said:
    4890 is cheaper and is very comparable to 5770. 5770 only has advantage in vista with dx11.

    My point exactly as I said if he plans to stay with XP for the next 18 months or upgrade to Win 7, skip Vista... ;)
  17. sorry, i thought you said you were looking to upgrade in 18 months, and my 5770 out performs a 4890!!!any way, its just an opinion at the end of the day man, the 260 is an ok mid range card, if your happy being milked by nvidia!lol jk jk
  18. above comment to quote :

    pr0phet ur the f00l look at my mobo its not cf its sli and im not changing mobos so 1 5770 is out the question
  19. well uve all convinced me to get a 5770 and that is what ive orderd :)
    i just hope its fast enough for high settings in new game and if it is ill be happy :)

    thx to every 1 who replyed i appreciate it alot even u pr0phet ^^ hehe
  20. No prob and let us know how you like it. I'll be plugging mine in the next day or two when my mobo arrives from RMA by UPS... ;)
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