Fried AMD phenom II X4 980

hello i got a amd phenom II x4 980 in two days ago yesterday i was suing the computer and the video starting messing up so i restarted the computer and then it stuck at the post screen on my mainboard i clear the cmos. then went to boot iback up no video come up. so i went to turn it off with the switch. i held the power button and it turn and come right back on. i turn and off be the powerfr supply and put and post card in it dispaly 0 0 on the display didnt got the post return the dots on each side keep blinking.

i wondering my mainboard is asrock 760gm-gs3 i suppose to take the cpu with a bios update and updated the bios with a amd sempron 130 before i bought the processor. i wwork for two days and stop working. it working now with the sempron 130. i also have a 350 watt enermax power s upply i have no overclock and the temps from i tell idle about 40 degress. any suggestions. i have return it to be rpelaced my question the board only has a 4 pin cpu power socket. im not sure this board voltage supply is beef enough to handle to this processor. or was it a heat issue. i am runnign a amd stock heatsink for black edition processor. any suggestions as i change my board and power supply or should my setup handle it.
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  1. Not sure if this will help, but I am on my second 980 also, using Asrock 990FX Extreme 4. Upgraded from phenom II x4 925. Here's a laundry list of things I encountered, and fixes I tried:

    - Win 7 64 Pro hung while trying to find a driver for the "new" hardware on 1st boot
    - Re-booted after last problem, hung on splash screen
    -Re-re-booted in safe mode. Re-re-re-booted in regular and all appeared well
    - Everything seem great, SWTOR crashed. No other applications would load until after restart. Note: was not OC'ing. Running 30c idle, maxed 40c under load.
    - Also started noticing CPU and mobo temp would occasional get stuck reading 0c in both desktop HW monitors (speedfan, ASROCK tuning utility) AND in BIOS.

    - Reformatted HDD (was due anyways).
    - Made sure ACC in BIOS was disabled
    - Made sure core unlocker was disabled
    - cleared CMOS by pulling jumper AND battery
    - Re-applied thermal grease

    Did not notice any instability. However, seemed like the initial speed increase first noticed in games disappeared. But that could just be me. Still would sporadically register 0 celsius while doing menial things like web surfing. Again in both speedfan and the BIOS. Pulled it, went back to 925. RMA'd 980. Still showing a reading of 0c while farting around in Firefox. Not sure on that yet.... Will be updating BIOS when new 980 shows up this time around, maybe should have done it from the get-go, but oh well.

    Other thoughts:

    Should have done my homework and bought a 960T instead instead of an OEM that can't be exchanged. Lesson learned.

    A better power supply might not be a bad idea. I always go for a bit more wattage than I need, just in case. Not sure what else you have in your system.
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