Can you sli 9600gt and 9800 gt?

I have a geforce 9600gt and i recently acquired a 9800gt. can i sli them?
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  1. No,the cards have to be exactly the same,if you need more info about SLI/CF,see this thread:
  2. ^+1, but you could run the 9600GT as a dedicated PhysX card.
  3. And vice-versa ? i mean the 9800GT card should run in PhysX too,right ?
  4. I don't know on that, but I guess it could. Don't know why you'd want too though.....
  5. no you can't SLI them. to SLI 9600GT you need another 9600GT. the same goes with 9800GT. unlike ATI 4800 series you can CF any combination cards in 4800 series like pairing 4870 with 4830. the downside is 4870 performance in CF will be drag down by 4830. or you can do what mousemonkey said, use the 9800GT as the primary card and 9600GT for dedicated PhysX :)
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