Core 2 duo E8400 OC

I am about to upgrade to a new system given to me with an E8400.
I have a GTS 250 to put in and an extra 2gb of ram

I want to overclock my E8400 from 2.8 just to the 3 level!

can anyone tell me how to do that in a HP DC5800

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  1. You can not overclock on an HP (Oem) motherboard. They have locked bios and if you could overclock it would damage hp's or whatever companies board and they would be getting complaints.
  2. Darn

    Oh well

  3. Are you sure you got a E8400 @ 2.8GHz?
    Because a E8400 stock is @ 3.0GHz.
  4. ^ correct!

    The E8400 is 3.00GHz (6MB Cache) and the E8300 is 2.83GHz (6MB Cache)
  5. Woops

    Its the E7400!!!!

    Can i overclock. I just want to get it to 3ghz for the lulz

  6. As amuffin stated, HP, Dell, etc., motherboards do not permit overclocking.

    There are some elaborate ways to go around this by using "SetFSB" - DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK
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