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was wondering if anyone knows if you can fit a sound card,x-fi titanium, in the top pci-e x1 slot on this motherboard.that stupid heatsink with the waterblock on top doesnt seem to have a cut out in it for a sound card or almost anything else for that matter.sorry i didnt post a picture of what im talking about,im having trouble with my photobucket current board has same problem[ud4p],where heatsink renders top pci-ex1 slot completely useless.i dont understand gigabytes layout,especially with the ud7,which is there flagship contemplating buying this or some other p55 board with the nf200 chip[poss ftw 200] for tri-fire,but dont want to leave my sound card out of rig.thanks in advance,hope somebody knows more on subject here
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  1. A pci-ex1 card works on a pci-ex16 slot.
  2. yea but i plan on possibly putting 3 dual slot gpu's into a haf 932 with the sound card.i dont have enough slots for all that with the case only having 7 you know? thats my problem,the evga boards will work because heatsink is cut out,im hoping someone has info on the gigabyte ud7 because it seems like the better choice
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