Need help! computer stuck on black screen with white dash

Ok so I was on my computer when I got a blue screen that said something about my hard drive trying to boot up in sleep mode or something along those lines. Now I can't get past the black screen with the white dash after the gateway logo comes up. I tried my recovery disk and reset it back to factory settings but no luck still doesn't work. Is it possible my hardrive is dead?

I have a Gateway dx4300 I also installed a new graphics card and power supply but that has run fine for about a year. Any help would. Be great and sorry this isn't the best written since I'm posting this from my phone.
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  1. Run the HDD manufacturer's diagnostic tool (eg SeaTools, Data LifeGuard) against your drive.

    Can you see the drive in BIOS?
  2. In BIOS sata comes up not sure if that's the drive or not.
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