SD card reader (LG LS50a)

I have a SD/MS card reader built-in on the LG LS50a and it won't read my 8Gb SD card. is it just because of the size of the card?

Iv tried it with a 1Gb SD card and that reads just fine.
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  1. no the 8 gig card might be corrupt or damaged

    did you touch the gold slits?

    if so try using a soft towel to wipe that part of, no water
  2. Actually if it is an older reader then it may be designed for only those less than 4GB !!

    From the WIKI :

    "The format has proven very popular. Changes to the interface of the established format have made some older devices designed for standard SD cards (≤4GB) unable to handle newer formats such as SDHC (≥4GB). All SD-cards have the same physical shape and form factor however, which causes confusion for many consumers.[2][3]"
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