Windows 7 x64 not detecting and recongnizing Non-OS HDD RAID Array

I have a Win7 x64 installation with 2 RAID arrays on it. The BIOS recognized and configured both the RAID arrays successfully. I installed Win7 x64 just fine on the 500 GB RAID 1 array as I wanted to with no problems. However Windows 7 did not recognize the 1 TB RAID 1/0 during installation. All the RAID arrays all are running off of the same OnBoard (Realtek?) AMD 750 controller. The non-OS 1 TB RAID 1-0 array is NOT recognized at all in Win7 and will not detect them to install them. They do not show up at all in the Device Manager and it will not detect them to install them.
The RAID drivers are all installed OK and show up correctly and accurately in Win7's Device Manager.
However AMD's RAIDxpert web based utility finds and correctly identifies both RAID arrays just fine in WIndows 7 x64.
But I still cannot 'install' this 2nd Non-OS RAID 10 array into Windows 7 x64 )< 8(
Thanks for any and all assistance with this frustrating SNAFU.
Regards to one and all,
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  1. if you go to disk management do you see any unallocated disks? perhaps delete and remake the raid array in the bios and see if that changes anything. ive never seen a single controller build 1 raid array properly and have a second non functional with out hard drive failure.
  2. Hi ncc,
    Thanks for responding.
    I've never encountered such a thing before either. I have found a number of occasions where HDDs showed up in the Device Manager but not in Windows Explorer.
    Originally this MoBo had a beta version of Win7 x64 on it. I was then upgraded to the commercial version when it was publicly released.
    When my MPU (Multiple Processors Unit) packed it in and I replaced it, I re-installed the Beta version of Win7 x64 again and then tried to update it to the current version and updates. Not surprisingly I was unable to. I have ordered a current version of Windows 7 x64 and will do a clean install of it when I get it.
    I'm contemplating only having the 500GB RAID 1 array when I install Win7 x64 and then install the 1TB RAID 1-0 array.
    I'll likely start the Win7 install with both RAID arrays active, and then decide when I start the installation depending if it shows one or both of the RAID arrays are 'all present and accounted for'
    Stay tuned (< 8)
  3. you can always download a linux live cd and test the raids with that. very strange that windows would not detect an array.
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