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Hi everyone, I am in need of some serious help here lol. I followed Ryans guide to overclocking an i5 2500k and have run into some problems that ill list in a second, but first here are my pc specs.

i5 2500k (o.c 4.5ghz)
CM Hyper 212 plus heat sink
8gb g.skill ddr3 1600 9-9-9-24-2n
Asrock extreme3 gen3 motherboard
crossfire powercolor radeon 6870's
pc power and cooling 750w psu
1tb samsung spinpoint harddrive.
windows 7 x64 bit

Ok, so basically I built this rig and when I first had it together I had a motherboard with a bad pci-express slot, so I remailed the board and got a new board. Then after everything was up and running I was getting random power outtages or brown outs, and I tried just about everything I could think of, so I replaced the corsair 650w power supply with the current 750w pc power and cooling. Now everything seemed to be running smooth, so I started to overclock and I followed Ryans guide almost to the T, and my bios is very similar to his guide.

My current voltage settings are Vcore-1.325 max load, Dram voltage 1.529 and i had this at 1.499 but recently upped it as test, VTT Voltage 1.047v, VCCSA voltage 0.925v, PCH Voltage 1.059v, and CPU PLL Voltage 1.832v. Most of these are on AUTO in the bios except the ones he stated to change in his guide.

I ran prime95 for about 3 hours with in-place large FTT test and it did not crash with 101 error so I assume my vcore was stable, so I ran the small FTT test for 2 hours and it ran fine, and then I did the blend test and it crashed after about 2 hours. I also did a Intel burn test and it got to 11 passes before it crashed. When I say crash I don't mean blue screen either, it just randomly powers off and reboots, just like when I first built the pc. My temperatures after all tests were idle 36-40C, and max load for all durations topped out at 68-70C, so I do not think anything is over heating because all the temps seem fine.

Please if you have any ideas as to why I lose power it would help me so much, I am thinking possibly a bad motherboard but I don't know. Thank you!
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  1. Run memtest86...check that memory
  2. I shall do that again, how long roughly? a full night or some thing?
  3. Run 4 instances 1/8 of the RAM alloted for each instance for at least a 200% cover..That'll be a full scan...You Should get errors fairly quickly if you have a bad DIMM
  4. by instance you mean a pass? and run it for 200% pass?
  5. I have not tried reformatting, could a bad format of windows cause this with no errors present, just reboots at random?
  6. No by instances i mean click the program 4 times it will open 4 different window of the program...Then allot 1/8 of your RAM in each window then start each window until it reaches 200% coverage
  7. Oh, hang on, maybe i have been doing memtest all wrong, i burned it to a disc and booted to it to run the program, i thought that was the only way to run it.
  8. I guess i am unsure of how to open it multiple times, the only way i know how to make the file run is through booting to it from a burned cd or floppy disc
  9. Nvm i got it
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