Is the 5770 really this good?!

I was looking at benchmarks for the ATI 5750/5770 cards and came across
Are these benchmarks really accurate? Most of the time I game at 1280x1024, occasionally going up to 1650x1050 when I use my TV.

If those benchmarks are indeed accurate, I think maybe I'd be better off getting a £125: 5770 with the possibility of crossfire if the need arises in the future
Instead of a £240 5850, no?
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  1. yes i would agree, if your main res is 1280x1024 with 1650x1050 now and then, buying a 5850 is way overkill. The review is one i havnt seen but its about right. the 5770 will be plenty.

  2. @ Hero9989: Sounds like a good idea to me, the 5770 does particularly well at lower resolutions although mine seems to be OK at 1920x1200, but then again I do n't play Crysis Warhead;)
  3. yes, and a crossfire 5770 would beat the 5850
    you might also get the second one cheaper if you wait a little while
  4. Ok, thanks guys, it's decided! I'm gonna order a 5770 tomorrow.
    Which one though? I'm from the UK, which would you advise I get? I guess it'd mainly go by experience with their warranty, ect.
  5. Sapphire or Powercolor would be good choices.
  6. Both have the same 2 year warranty, just shop around for the best deal.
    Remember to check shipping costs, it can a tenner or more to the total!
    A few sites: Overclockers, Scan, CCL, Misco, Dabs, Microdirect, Ebuyer Pixmania and Eclipse Computers are usually good.
  7. Yeah essentially at low resolution, the stronger core comes out, but increase the resolution and the HD5770 drops off a bit, but would still be playable. For a longer term strategy I would recommend not bothering with the Crossfire solution, but re-investing in a new card when the architecture changes next year, which would give you better performance than two HD5770 in Xfire which shows a lot of limitations in heavy workloads.

    HD5770 should be nore than enough for now, and give you the savings for later.

    As for Mfr, I prefer Sapphire over Powercolor, but I find other like HIS, MSI and Gigabyte to be better build quality usually, but if those are your only 2 options, then Sapphire IMO.
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