What's the best way to see the temperature?

i see people always talking about keeping the computer at a good temperature, but how do you know if it's running hot or not?

do you use software? i also saw that they sell panels that you can put on your computer that will tell you the degrees... it seems pretty cool to be honest :)
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  1. Check out Hardware Monitor from CPUID

  2. sweet.

    does this just use some sensor on the motherboard or something?

    my hard drive is at 102 F

    and two other components are 119 and 109 F.

    what temperatures are considered good?
  3. We only talk about these values in Celsius, even in the US.

    Also, temps are meaningless without knowing the CPU, and ambient temperature. What is a good CPU temp in the Mojave desert may not be good in your air conditioned room.

    For a masterful guide to all Intel CPU temp info, see this:
  4. Just provide a screenshot of HWmonitor...
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