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Is it just me and my luck or does it seem that EVGA's motherboards have an issue with their SATA & USB bus speeds? I have a 730i and 780i motherboard and both seem very slow compared to my other systems when transferring data between SATA drives and usb storage devices. This seems like a cronic problem to me and I am wondering if anyone else notices this too?...
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  1. a lil' question, are they the same riggs as the one you mentioned? i.e - same mobo?
  2. They are separate machines, one in my profile and the other is a Q9550, Corsair 450 watt psu, 4 g of ram and Win 7...
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    OK, heres where the issue REALY IS - the chipset is the main issue when its about the slow data transfer. Cos in the intel x38 and 48 they were able to manipulate the chip into managing the USBs i'e - ICH(x) and if it were a mobo wid raid on it it'd be ICH(x)R...i'm sure you know that.

    The thing with your mobo, namely the sli boards, is that they came a lil short with the ICH technology. This problem also causes them to be a lil buggy while OC'ing.

    I read in a forum, before buying my rampage extreme, that nvidia's chips have an OC hole. Nvidia solved that with the newer chips, but they were just dieshrunk old hardware. However they didnt look into the data transfer issue.

    And yeah , your among many with the same problem.
  4. I figured as much. I'm going to sell off everything and go with the new AMD 6 core cpu. I don't need tri sli anymore anyway.

    Good info. Thanks for your input. I guess I just needed to hear it from someone else...
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  6. And THANK YOU for the vote! If i may suggest go for the crosshair IV formula thas based on the 890FX chip
  7. Absolutely and thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. That board looks promising. It looks like I may be going back to ASUS. I used them when I had my P4P800E Deluxe and 3.0 Prescott P4 cpu for nearly 5 years and sold the motherboard and processor for 200.00 on ebay. Not a bad return for old hardware, lol.

    Thanks again and I will try to post an update once I get the new cpu and motherboard installed. Just eliminating the bus speed problems will be enough to make the changes let alone all the other new features I will be getting.

    Seriously, I had no intentions of upgrading for the next 3-4 more years but the problems I have continually had and the new AMD cpu release has changed my mind!

    Thanks again! = P
  8. Your welcome bro, we're here to help! Yeah, keep me posted - i'm eying for that board too :) or maybe just go for an Asus Maximus III formula :P but amd looks promising and cheaper
  9. It appears Tiger Direct is out of the X6 1090T already!

    I'm hoping newegg keeps theirs in stock until I get my stuff sold on ebay. I listed everything about an hour ago.
  10. I jus went through newegg from a link i got in my mail, they have the new x6's...
  11. I saw that too. It concerns me if they will run out as well. I'm sure the rebate tigerdirect is offering is the main reason the other sold out. I'm calling tigerdirect today once I get to work to see if they will get more in stock before the 30th.

    I have an interested buyer on my Q9550 cpu, if he buys it today while I'm at work I will place the order for both the cpu and the motherboard you suggested late tonight, assuming they are in stock, lol.

    Cross your fingers! = D
  12. LOL - will do bro! Q9550 - thas my current rig :) thinking of swithcing hands with my bro :P

    Good luck on your purchase
  13. Good news, the Q9550 sold today! I still have the motherboard to sell and the complete assembly of the other setup in one block. I decided to try to sell it on ebay like that because it is a more impressive setup already over clocked and ready to roll. If it doesn't sell in a few days I may break them down and sell individually or keep it and place it in another case.

    Its not something I really need right now with the new parts coming soon. I will have to have a good setup to run my media center in the basement with a 10' projector and a surround sound running the Z5500 speakers. Thats my project I plan to complete later this year or tax time next year so I don't mind getting rid of the components now and replace with better later. = P

    I called Tigerdirect this morning and the guy that answered the phone had no idea what processor I was talking about. I had to tell him how to type on their site to get it to pull up. Once he found it he said he couldn't say if it would be available again before the rebate program expired. I replied with "I was just checking to see if I needed to wait and buy from you guys or get it from another site that has it in stock". He was pretty cool so I have to cut him some slack but I would expect the operators to have more knowledge of the new products they have.

    Well, I may place the order tonight for some of the parts. I am still debating on rolling the dice to see if tigiredirect gets more available or not to save a few bucks. Its a chance they wont and newegg will run out. That wouldn't be good as I have sold one system and am about to sell the other. My luck will be the other sells tomorrow or the next day and I get ready to buy and everything is out of stock everywhere. That would drive me crazy, lol!
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