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Are there issues in Windows 7 where changing the region on one of your DVD drives will also change the region on the other drive?

I have a LiteOn iHAS424-98 drive and a Sony CRX300E drive (legacy IDE). The Sony drive was left in the system to play region 2 discs. I set the Sony drive to region 2, but that apparently changed the region setting on my Lite-On drive. When I changed it back on the Sony drive, my Lite-On drive stayed region 2, so I had to change it back also. I would prefer to use only the old drive for my region 2 DVDs.

I can't play with this too much or I'll run out of times that I can change the regions. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I tried disabling the Lite-On drive through the Device Manager, then changing the Sony drive's region, and finally re-enabling the Lite-On drive. That seemed to work. I have no idea how or why the Lite-On drive had its region setting changed the first time I tried it, though. I'd hope that those extra steps aren't necessary...
  2. what do you mean by regions?
  3. Have you tried something DVD Genie?
  4. Upendra09 said:
    what do you mean by regions?

    Have a read. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD_region_code
  5. Mousemonkey said:
    Have you tried something DVD Genie?

    I use Windows Media Player for my DVD player, and all of the DVD region-free software I could find wouldn't run in Windows 7.
  6. I use Media Player Classic or PowerDVD9 and have not had any region problems (yet), so all I can suggest is that you change the software that you use for playback.
  7. It's working fine now without the software. I'm just curious why my region settings got changed on my new (Lite-On) drive when I only changed them for the old (Sony) drive.
  8. Probably because WMP likes to control EVERYTHING that is connected to the OS.
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