Laptop Turns ON for 1 second then OFF

Hey can you help me I have a HP PAVILION dv6500. The problem is it turns of for about 1 second and then NO IMAGE nothing, JUST OFF.
So it is probably hardware problem. How do i fix it? PLZZ HELP
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  1. more info needed, what happened? when did it start?

    any ideas of your own?

    by what you told me i think it is either your CPU is overheating or you graphics card is shot
  2. I do not know what happened I am doing this for a customer which told me nothing. What do you mean GPU is SHOT?
  3. GPU might not work anymore

    if you have a business then you should know all this or work for one too
  4. lol i dont have a bussiness just do this for friends. So how do i fix this problem? I heard reseating GPU helps
  5. yeah try that

    also make sure the CPU isn't overheating, that is another cause of instant shut downs.
  6. Any more sugestion from someone else?
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