True voltage on a 2700k

Hey all, why is it so hard to get a lock on the true voltage of the 2700k? I have a maximus extreme VI and I can't seem to get a true lock on it.
So Core temp says 1.3711
CPU Z says 1.328
I have the bios set to 1.33 I would think it's 1.33 right? At any rate I just started OC this chip and I love it! Right now I am at 4700 at 1.33 or so the bios say lol. So far I have ran SETI for all most 2 hours still rock soild. Really make me wounder if I am not getting more voltage tho. Seems to good to be true?? 1.37 seems more right.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    I generally don't post in this section, but I know OC'ing well.

    The vCore you set in the BIOS is part of the equation, if your OC included LLC (Load Line Calibration) then that can add up to +0.05v depending on the LLC level you set. Therefore, the 'true voltage' is a range.

    edit/interesting article -> voltage is like a Pogo stick (Loads, SpeedStep, C-States, LLC, Vdroop, etc)
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