I have a Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 mbod, with an Intel I73960x cpu. The memory is Mushkin 8gb of pc3-17000 (4x2gb). Mushkin model number is 994041.
I'm using Windows 7 64 bit. 2 PNY GTX-260 cards is sli mode. PSU is a 850 watt. I may be a little low. I'm planning on a new psu. But, I'm certain that it's not causing thses issues that i am having witht he overclocking.

My Issue: I know absolutely nothing about over clocking. But, I'm sure that i shoud be able to over clock this system.
However, when i try to use the quick boost software that came with the mbod, it seems to do nothing......And, if i do see a change it seems to only last a minute, then goes back to the original settings.

CPU-Z shows my core speed as 1200 and my multiplier as 12. How do I change these and make them stay!

I know, I should be able to go into the bios and make some changes. I have tried...... Always, the same thing. Nothing seems to change, and if it does, it only lasts a minute, then goes back to original settings.

I have not tried making any voltage changes........i know, it may be necessary. I just haven;t tried it yet, and I can't help but think that I should be able to go up at least some.....b4 having to touch the voltage? And, yes.....i am running the latest bios for the mbod.

Anyone else out there with this board and manage to get it over clocked?? I'd love to hear how you did it. Thanks!
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    That's basically your board telling you "Stop trying to overclock me, i'm crazy fast already :(" haha.

    Nah but seriously, a lot of them have a feature that wont let you make certain changes in case you damage things
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