What is the best way to combine my storage?

I just bought a beautiful Asus g74, and it has 2 500gb hard drives in it. I have my OS and all my data on the first one, and the second is empty. How can I combine these two drives so that system recognizes them as one? I want to do this to put all my movies in my user/videos folder, but if I do I'll overfill the first hard drive. I have never had to do this before, and from what I understand there are multiple ways to do this. My question is, what is the best, most seamless method of doing this? Any help is appreciated in advanced, this is my first post on this site which I have used alot over the years on tutorials on various things.
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  1. jbod or raid-0. raid-0 will combine both drives into one and delete all data on your drives in the process. you would need a 3rd HD to back up to and copy from to build this. jbod can be done via hardware and software, certain raid management utilities will allow you to do this and not delete your data. raid-0 doubles your chances of drive failure and guarantees data loss in this event. jbod does not let you know to wich hard drive your data is stored, can be confusing when/if you add or replace drives. you could just put your movies on the other drive and make a shortcut in your videos folder to the new movies on the other drive...
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