Will my pc have enough power? or will i need a bigger power supply?

Hello everyone, It would be really great it u could please help me,

I currently have a 500W power Supply and am running the following Components:

Processor : AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 2.8GHz Socket AM2
RAM : 3Gb DDR2 Kingston 800MHz
Hard Drives : 2 x 500gb SEAGATE (internals)
Motherboard : ASUS M2N-MX SE PLUS
DVD Writer : LG SATA DVD Writer
Case : Nitron Blue with 3 extra fans.

I want to get either a NVIDIA Geforce 260 896MB GDDR3 - XFX Edition or ATI Radeon 4870 1Gb GDDR 5 - Asus.

I want to know if my 500w power supply will be able to run this setup? and if you would give your personal opinion on which card u think is better?

I already know about Kill-A-Watt i just don't have access to one in my country.

Thank alot :)
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  1. yes...it will be enough....but if u have a chance to upgrade the PSU then do it....the ati card is a clear winner....I think u may want to upgrade the PSU if u are goin 4870 to get the best of it....otherwise ur cool...
  2. What are the problems if i don't have enough power? wat could happen?
  3. ur card will under perform....the system may slow down.....500w will be enough....
  4. i don't need it for super power.. i mean i run a 18.5" LCD and i wanna max out my games not like super over play my pc...
  5. Dont worry....ur PSU is good.....I just thought a higher power PSU would be good with the 4870....
  6. 500W should be more than enough. You'll be hard-pressed to go over that with a single CPU and a single graphics card.
  8. Sorry didn't know caps was on
  9. Hey guys i finally got my card i ended up with the 4890 but the XFX edition:) on my 500 W it runs perfectly:) its a good i recommend it:)
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