How to change motherboard serial number

i want to change my motherboard serial number without changing the motherboard
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  1. welcome to the forums newcomer!

    quick question:
    are you trying to know how to change this for illegal reasons?
  2. I can't speak for the motives of others, but there are legitimate reasons for needing to "correct" the serial number in the BIOS of a motherboard. Over the past decade I have purchased 9 Asus motherboards. They all have a sticker with a proper serial number; however, the BIOS reports a generic serial number of "SYS-1234567890". That becomes a problem in an enterprise environment with an application such as Altiris that manages a database of computers by its serial number. At home I run Audit Wizard, which builds a database of all machines on my home network. All 4 of my home computers built upon an Asus motherboard show a serial number of "SYS-1234567890". I suspect that Asus does this by design, and that it is up to the system builder to "flash" their units with a serial number of their convention. In my case, I want to flash the serial number shown on the sticker. Is there a utility to do that? Maybe it's a matter of "registering" with Asus as a legitimate system builder and then getting such a utility from them. Don't know. But these are my reasons for needing to write the serial number to the BIOS.
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