5770 CF?

Recently bought a HD5770 to replace my struggling 8800GT with the intention of carring it over into a new build next year and adding another for CF at that time but TheGreatGrapeApe response here:


makes me think I made a mistake.
The issue is my 1920x1200 monitor.
Would I be better off going CF for the new build or getting a single, more powerful card?
My current rig is pushing 4 years old and was built for single card, so I have no experience with either CF or SLI and, indeed made the decision to get a single slot MB because both had issues at the time.
Any input would be most welcome.
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  1. Well since you already have bought a 5770 then CrossFiring it would be a good option but if you can afford a 5870/5850 then go for them ,but in your post you wrote that your motherboard has one single slot so if you want to get another 5770 you have to get a new motherboard too,so go for a single 5870//5850
  2. You misunderstood my ramblings, mate.
    I do not intend to keep the current rig, but sell it on while it is still worth selling and building a new system from scratch, just swapping the 5770 from the current system into the new one and adding a second for CF-If that is the best option.
  3. Sorry :)
    OK then,can you afford 5870/5850 ?
  4. Not yet, but the option remains open;)
    I am not a great fan of multi-GPU setups but the reviews for dual 5770s' made me think it was the best way to go, and the tech has come on quite a bit since the current rig was built.
  5. Tomshardware 5770 review:

    STALKER CS no AA/1920x1200:
    5770 CF:61.7

    STALKER CS with AA/1920x1200:
    5770 CF:33.1

    Crysis no AA:
    5770 CF:45.3

    Crysis with AA:
    5770 CF:39.8

    FC2 no AA:
    5770 CF:127.3

    FC2 with AA:

    So 2x5770 perform pretty much like a 5850,they beat it in some games and loses to it in some few titles,so get another 5770 and enjoy :)
  6. Thanks for the info, mate.
    Beginning to look like I had the right idea!
    I love it when a plan comes together;)
  7. Ya might wanna hang onto the 8800 also and use it for a dedicated PhysX card.


    They used an 8800 is this review:

  8. to coozie:No problem mate :)

    to Jack,Well PhysX has a negligible impact on performance in almost every game so its not worth it IMO
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