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I want to setup a network between my xp 32bit and windows8 64bit. I turned on file sharing on my external drive that is connected to the xl computer. I used the wizard on the xp computer to setup my network. The situation is that both computers are using wifi and have access to the internet on their own. The wizard setup the netfile on my thumb drive fine. I took it to the windows8 computer but was not able to set it up. I'm new to the windows 8 environment andcould use some help. Thanks.

On a side note, I tried mapping my drive without any success.
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  1. It is not real clear what you are trying to do. Please clarify the equipment and software.
  2. Sorry for not being clear in the first place. Here's the situation. I recently got a new all in on pc running windows 8 64 bit. I am still using my old xp computer with sp3. I have an external hard drive that is connected to the xp computer because many of the programs on the xp computer is not compatible with w8. I would like to do file sharing between the 2 systems instead of carrying it back and forth. I noticed that w8 is using homegroup compared to the xp using work group.

    I tried to set up the necessary files on a thumb drive on the xp computer to do the file sharing via home/office network setup wizard. I took the thumb drive to the W8 computer and it errored and told me that the safe guards are in place to protect the system from threats. This is the first time using W8 and still not familiar with the gui and enviro. Hope this is more clear.
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