HP E9270F

Hello, i am looking to purchase a new computer but am wooried about i's future upgradbility. My main issue if with the power supply and its ability to one day support SLI. Can someone shed some light on my concerns? It has a 350 watt psu, not sure on amps.

Also, any comments on the GPU would be helpful, there is another HP with a GTX 260 and 1 more gb of ram for 100$ diff.

Here are the specs:
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  1. that is not worth 1300

    with the 1300 you can build a better system that would outdo this system in everything.

    if you got a 300 watt PSU you can never run an SLI setup the actual computer right now will barely be able to run any games without crashing, the PSu is horrible and the graphics card is bad

    go for this


    or this


    if not build your own it isn't very hard
  2. Thanks for the info. Just to be sure, you do know that's a Canadian price correct? Just want to be sure you did not think that was USD.
  3. oh sorry that was USD i don't what CAD would be
  4. Ok thanks. I was thinking thats why it seemed so expensive.

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