6 pin connector

Hello,which port uses a 6 pin connector video,audio,ps-2, serial
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  1. If you're asking what I think you are, then the 6-pin connector that is leading from your power supply is a supplemental power cable for PCI-E x16 (or PCI-E 2.0)video cards.
  2. oh - the 6-pin power connector is used by the video.

    PS2's are for mouse/keyboard
    Serial ports are basically data communication ports
    Audio have their own i/o ports and are power by the mobo

    BTW - welcome to the forums newcomer!
  3. You talkin about the one in the top row furthest ti the right I assume:


    As indicated under the photo, that's a 6 Pin PCI-E connector for connection to a GFX card.
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