Graphics isnt what it should be!!!!

Hi Guy's i really need help here. recently upgraded my graphics card to a hd4850 and a new LCD monitor. when i play cod5 the graphics are pants nothing like they should be. settings are all on max and drivers are updated. really want 2 play the game in full Glory any ideas? thanks....matt
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  1. Rig, res, fps?
  2. Sounds like your resolution isn't right.
  3. rig: intel core 2 duo 3.2 ghz
    500 hdd
    powercolor ati hd 4850 1g
    windows xp home
    22' lg flatron monitor

    very good hardware
  4. some1 else said 2 me resolution aint right but i tryed that already lol.
    well i think. tryed dif res settings and still rubbish graphics
  5. unless theres another way of sorting res that i dont kno. new to pc gaming so im not up 2 speed with everything sorry
  6. Should be 16x10. Make sure.
    The res wouldnt make a difference in perf unless its set to 19x10-12, then itd be having to do alot more work, and also not be native, and not look well either
  7. ok will try that. do i set it only in the game yea. sorry that prob sounds stupid 2 u.. im so new 2 this
  8. Should be done in CCC, tho sometimes games are limited in their res. Just check it to make sure in CCC and your monitors native res, they should be matching
  9. well i know what it supposed to look like from other internet n youtube. graphics are stunning on cod. mine on the other hand are not..
  10. ohh also can a non validated copy off windows have any effect?
  11. Non valid copy of windows has nothing to do with it i can guarantee.
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