2 questions about 6770.

i have 2 questions actually. I currently have a GTX 470 in my machine. And i also have 2X 6770'S.

First question. Going with the Xfire 6770, would the performance of my machine be better?

Also, second question. I can get a third 6770 to triple Xfire but my board has 2 X16 slots and 2 X16 slots running at X4. Could i Xfire with the X16/X4?

My board is Gigabyte 990FXA Ud3. (sorry no link im mobile right now.)
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  1. This is in the wrong section. I'm pretty sure that you can get a third 6770 but it's not recommended because it would require a lot of power and generate a lot of heat. Best option is to get another GTX 470. Make sure your PSU can support it though.
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