How to make PC faster?

Respected people, I'm the owner of a desktop which I bought in the year 2003. Thus it is too slow. Reasons are:-
Intel Pentium 4,
3.79GHz, 448 MB RAM.
(No graphic cards).
And its running on Windows XP Service Pack 3.
So, i want some tips or suggestions to make my computer fast. Please give as many suggestions as you can!!!
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  1. Honestly, unless you are just doing basic stuff like word processing and emailing, you need a new computer. If you plan on keeping this computer, then...

    448MB ram? That sounds like an odd amount. Anyhow, check your motherboard manual to see how much ram it can hold and then max it out. XP can see up to 4
    gig, so don't go over that. Your biggest problem will probably be finding ram for this system and even if you find it, it may not be cheap.
  2. More ram, cpu is fine (it's one of the higher end p4's)

    Click start- run - msconfig- disable any startup programs you don't use like microsoft office, keep all the ones that say system 32 in them

    But 448mb ram. That's a low amount, you might want to try and buy more, im guessing it's standard ddr400 and you can get that off ebay for really cheap.

    If you don't want to buy ram you can - - - Disk Defrag, disk cleanup and/or download a free trail of auslogics or tuneup utilities 2012 and that will clean out you pc.

    Hope I Helped
  3. Three things you need, more RAM, a clean setup of Windows and if you watch any type of videos, even a lower-end video card (probably need an AGP one). Go to, there is a system scan you can run there, that will tell you what RAM is installed, what can be installed, and the type of RAM you need. Even for low-end games (diablo ii, some flash games, etc...) the CPU you have is decent.
  4. My new computer with i5, 4G RAM, XP SP3 need 43-48s to boot, is that normal?
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