Opinions on my cooling-any advice appreciated

I have a 120mm SickleFlow in the rear of my case exhausting
one Sickle 120mm in front intaking
I modded the case in front to fit the 120 into the empty double 5.25 bay so it intakes
across the CPU HSF
so the original front 120 mounting lower down is free

so I found this fan Scythe Ultra Kaze 120mm [...] id=0274204

so I was thinking of mounting that in rear exhausting from behind CPU HSF
and taking the Sickleflow and putiing it in the original front 120mm intaking

so I will have two sickleflows 120mm intaking from front
the Kaze in back (133 cfm compare to 60 cfm for Sickleflow)
so 120cfm intake in front,133 cfm exhaust in back
plus I have two 80mm Deltas intaking over PCIe
and one Antec Tricool (TY russwood) with an airhorn intaking over CPU HSF
also hopefully will upgrade CPU HSF from the AMD dual heatpipe 80mm OEM to an
aftermarket 92mm quad heat pipe soon

I have my PHII 925 at 3.4ghz and in a 69F room P95 after a half hour will
go over 60C so not good
I mean under normal usage even gaming it never goes above 50c
but I want to try to hit 3.6-3.7 with a little higher voltage (1.48v currently-3.4ghz)
Toms article stated that a PHII Deneb can go safely up to 1.55
but I am hitting a thermal limit
if I can drop temps then I think I can hit 3.7 and stay under 1.55 easily

if you read that TY and I would appreciate any advice
probably will buy the open box Kaze for 12 USD and hope it works okay
plan to do it in the afternoon today

does it sound like a good setup?
is there anything I can do better?
also fan noise doesnt bother me too much
dont mind the sound of air moving through case
as long as there is no bearing whine or other chatter
the sound of fans help me sleep :)
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More about opinions cooling advice appreciated
  1. More out than in... Put the kaze on the heatsink.
  2. my HS right now is 80mm and moving up to 92mm
    but I could use one of my 80mm like the Antec Tri cool on the HS
    probably alot better than the stock AMD fan
    but the Kaze wont fit

    with this setup the back will be 133cfm out
    the front will be 120cfm in
    the side is about 120cfm in

    would I better off not putting the second sickleflow 120mm in front?

    this way
    front-63cfm intake
    rear-133cfm exhaust
    side-120cfm intake

    should I remove some of the side intakes?
    like the two 80mm over PCIe slot

    front 63cfm intake
    side @40 cfm intake
    rear 133 cfm exhaust

    what is a better program for drawing up a rough sketch of case and fans
    photoshop,MS Paint win7,MS Powerpoint 07?

    I want to do a decent but simple drawing of my case to show fan layout
  3. also installed Scythe Kaza and max temps dropped from >65c to 54c at max with P95

    It wasnt just the kaza
    I remembered what Malmental said about the AMD stock HSF usually blowing up and out
    mine came blowing down and in
    so I flipped it around
    also I played with the PWM wiring on the CPU HSF and before it would go from 2800 rpms to 3200
    now it goes from 3000 to 5000 :)
    also reapplied thermal paste (crappy Coolermaster $2.99-will redo with Antec Nano Diamond-it is at Moms right now)
    I moved the back sickleflow up front so two 120mm sickles up front
    reversed the side intake over CPU to become exhaust with air horn over HSF

    only problem is that the Kaza I got was open box and had a busted fan blade
    so she is off balance a little
    will go back and exchange for new one
  4. Best answer
    my HS right now is 80mm and moving up to 92mm
    but I could use one of my 80mm like the Antec Tri cool on the HS
    probably alot better than the stock AMD fan
    but the Kaze wont fit

    No mater how well you improve your case airflow if you're overclocking with a stock AMD heat sink you're seriously limited, do you have any plans of upgrading to a better CPU air cooling solution?

    Do you live in the US?
  5. right now my CPU max is 54c
    my old max would climb past 65c (no higher than 61c to be safe with a PHII)
    I actually had HWinfo64 do a auto shutdown over 65c
    dont know how it wouldve climbed

    so over a 11c drop in max temp
    with it OCd to 3.4 (stock 2.8) in a 69F room

    The Ultra Kaze is pretty intense at 163cfm and 48DBA bit I will never see temps like that except stressing with P95 so I will add s 5 dollar PCI slot fan control and I am good

    Since my budget is almost non-existent LOL
    I will probably buy one of the cheaper Hyper series ($15 at MC) [...] id=0326051

    just going to add a second 80mm I already have in push pull to it

    should be better than my stock AMD dual heat pipe
    turns out it is only 60mm not 80mm
  6. went back to Microcenter exchanged Ultra Kaza for new one
    old one had broken fan blade
    much much quieter
    I also dont mind some fan noise-helps me sleep

    running Prime 95 64bit and Furmark GPU stress test same time in a 69F room
    PHII x 4 925 stock 2.8 OCd to 3.4
    HD 5770 stock 850/1200 OCd to 900/1300 fan set to 95%

    CPU idle 40c max 56c CPU fan 5400 rpms (was 3200 rpms-I played with PWM wiring)
    GPU idle 50c max 72c

    summary of layout

    rear exhaust - Scythe Ultra Kaza 120mm 3000rpm 133 CFM
    front intake - 2 x Coolermaster Sickleflow Blue LED 63 cfm each
    side exhaust with air horn over CPU HSF blowing out-Antec TriCool 80mm 3spd Blue @40CFM
    side intakes over GPU- 2 x 80mm Delta brushless
    Antec PSU 80mm exhaust
    Powercolor HD 5770- 120mm fan blowing into case

    so total with all fans is 9 quantity

    noise level is reasonable
    dont need to turn sound up too much to drown it out

    overall pretty happy

    I am looking at this CPU HSF eventually
    Cooler Master Vortex Plus 92mm

    since I want to stay with a CPU HSF blowing away from mobo and into
    air horn with 80mm exhaust and the Ultra Kaza also exhausting from CPU HSF

    any ideas or suggestions
  7. as an experiment I set system to stock settings

    CPU OCd idle 40c Max 56c
    stock idle 36c Max 46c

    GPU stayed the same without OC
    idle 50c max 72c

    GPU runs hot because I run secondary display

    I have CnQ enable C1E turned off
    and CPU freq stays locked at 2800mhz
  8. gaming temps
    Metro 2033 1920x1080 DX 11 Very High settings no DOF
    two hours of gaming

    CPU max 47c OCd 3.4ghz
    GPU max 72c OCd
  9. king smp said:
    I am looking at this CPU HSF eventually
    Cooler Master Vortex Plus 92mm
    since I want to stay with a CPU HSF blowing away from mobo and into
    air horn with 80mm exhaust and the Ultra Kaza also exhausting from CPU HSF

    any ideas or suggestions

    Is there some case fitting reason why you wouldn't get this Cooler Master instead, same money in the shopping cart, killer cooling compared to what you're considering.

    For the 2nd time, Do you live in the US?
  10. Yes I live in NJ close to a MicroCenter

    I really dont like the size and weight of the Hyper 212
    I want to go with a 92mm low profile
    I have a standard 7.5 wide case and low profile ram so I could probably fit
    the 212 but I worry about the weight of it and my mobo

    right now the stock AMD 60mm HSF is keeping max temps at 54c in 69F room
    so I figure a decent 92mm will do a nice job
    if a 92mm can give me at least a 5c drop in max
    than my max will be under 50c
  11. All the heavy coolers come with steel or composite backplates that mount on the reverse side of the motherboard to eliminate the weight stress on the motherboard itself.

    You do not have to be concerned with the heat sinks weight damaging the motherboard.
  12. I am just worried because I have the worlds cheapest case LOL
    I bought if for $15 from CompUSA
    it is seriously made from old beer cans
    for $15 it is a great case
    but it is seriously a razor box that has the same guage of metal as cheap sheet metal
    so even with the back plate I worry about it
    in the future I hope to get something like the Haf 912 or similar
    but for now due to fiances medical condition (stroke,brain surgery)
    finances are really rough

    I am actually also looking at this cooler

    due to low cost
    I would add a second 80mm fan in push pull
    but worried about the weight on this one too
  13. Okay end of story

    Bought a CM Vortex 92mm low pro
    hated it
    temps went over 60c on max
    AMD stock Phenom BE cooler worked better with the fan modded to run higher

    so went back and got a CM Hyper 101a non-PWM mini box cooler with one 80mm
    added a second 80mm with supplied clip in a push-pull that sends the air into my Ultra Kaze 3000rpm rear exhaust
    added a PCI slot single fan control for Kaze
    now goes from 1200 rpm to 2800

    then I used a Antec TriCool Blue LED 3 spd adjustable for the side intake into the Hyper 101a

    I have 2 x 120mm CM Sickleflow Blue Led in front intaking

    I have a Delta 80mm brushless intaking over the PCI slots

    max temps with Prime95 and Furmark GPU Stress test both running at same time
    in a 70f room
    with PHII x 4 Deneb 925 stock 2.8 @ 3.4 1.48v and HD 5770 stock 850/1200 @ 900/1300

    idle CPU - 36c Max CPU 60c
    idle GPU - 46c Max GPU 66c

    that was running at 100% CPU and 100% GPU for half an hour
    never going to see that kind of stress on system

    Pretty happy overall
    Runs quiet with the fans turned down
    not annoying with fans all turned up

    Thanks for all the help everybody :)
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