I have built a modest system around an ASUS P4S800D-X motherboard. It works fine and is sufficient to my needs. I would, however like to utilize dual monitors for a number of reasons. OS is WinXP Pro SP3.

The problem I'm having is getting 2 cards to work together. I have several ATI PCI cards that all work as a lone installation, but stop working when the second card is installed. I do not currently have an AGP card to try in the mix......could that be the answer? Perhaps I need one AGP and one PCI???

Any help appreciated.

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  1. Dual monitors = 1 video card. Two video card not usually required.
    List your ATI video cards for us.
    I'm guessing none of the have 2 video card outputs?

    You maybe having a PCI IRQ conflict keeping you from running 2 video cards.
    What IRQ are you assigning to your video cards?
  2. The IRQs are set to be automatically assigned by the BIOS, so I really haven't checked them. The error I'm getting in the Device Manager for the second card is "This device won't start".

    The ATI cards are a Radeon 7000 and a Rage 128 GL........I know, both are older cards, but I was trying to solve the compatibility issues before updating the cards......
  3. Forgot to include the main Graphics card.......ATI Radeon 9200
  4. The 9200 has dual outputs, but I don't have a DVI monitor.....both monitors have VGA connectors.
  5. You can get a DVI to VGA connector for just a few bucks.
  6. Something like this AMC DVI-8700 DVI (Male) to VGA (Female) Adapter $3.50
    One NewEgg customer review comment: "This turned my GeForce 7800GT card with 1 DVI and 1VGA port into a dual monitor setup for my new VGA flatscreens! I almost purchased a new graphics card with 2 VGA ports, but I got this adapter for a couple bucks instead."
    You might be able to pick one of these adapters up at a local Radio Shack.
  7. Lemme show my ignorance for a minute.........So, you're saying I can use both outputs at the same time? I always thought they were "either-or"??
  8. Best answer
    You can use both.
    Radio Shack has the DVI to VGA adapters but they're pretty expensive.
  9. Thanks for the help!!
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