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I've been having some problems with my GTX 295, in which I get these weird lines across the screen. It only happens with relatively newer games (for example, Far Cry 2 is affected whereas something like Warcraft III isn't), and is in conjunction with other problems (grey lines flashing across the screen ingame which I can walk through, or various multicolored dots across the screen). Here are some pictures of the green lines (from Spore):

If it helps:
Phenom II x4 925 (2.8 GHz)
4x1GB DDR2-800 (Elpida)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 295
Corsair TX750W
Forceware 191.07
Windows 7 Home Premium x64

Edit: Here are the grey-brown lines (although they are purple here due to the background) that are across the screen:

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  1. Bump...
  2. Could be artifacts. Download and run furmark, see how hot that gets your GPU and if it starts making the funky lines, if it does you may be getting artifacts due to heat or a dying GPU depending on its temperature.
  3. Furmark showed that the temperature rose quite quickly (60C to 95C in four minutes), yet there were no lines/dots/etc. Temperature tops out at 95-96C after 10 minutes of testing. Setting fan speed to 100% in RivaTuner brought temperature from 60C when idle to 40-50C when idle, yet I'm not sure whether this is good for the fan. Would a single-PCB version of the 295 have better or worse cooling and such?
  4. Holy hell that is a lot of heat! 95C seems like it has great potential to hit artifact causing heat if the case ambient temperature were to rise from the CPU being under load too. Try improving case airflow by bumping your case fan speed up a bit if you can, 60C at idle seems high, my 4850 generates significantly less heat but it only barely clears 60 at load and idles slightly above 40C at 60% fan, so it seems like your case ambient is a bit high.
  5. 95c WTF!!!

    supriseed u not killed it yet.

    100% FAN, cool air intake or change case.

    my 3x260 216 @ +25%OC run at 46c under full load!
  6. RivaTuner doesn't work to try and raise the GPU fan speed due to some random crashes (apparently its due to the driver version), so I'll try and clean out the case first. Speedfan does not work to raise the other fan speeds either (apparently I have one case fan at 2800 RPM and four at 0, even though there has to be more than one fan), and CPU fan speed is out of the question with it (there is no "Manually controlled" value for it). Since the old drivers were the 191.07 ones, I updated to the beta 195.39 and see whether the lines pop up again in a game.

    Edit: There were no lines in Spore at 1680x1050 (current resolution). No lines in Wolfenstein either. Red Faction Guerrilla checks out too. I believe the driver update did it.
  7. Goddammit, spoke too soon. Same lines, Wolfenstein and TrackMania United Forever show it. To hell with it: I'm replacing my 295 with two 4890s (my 790FX board can do it).
  8. u selling that 295?
  9. Strangely, I managed to get the GPU temp to about 70 in Furmark by turning the fans to 100%... and taking the side panel off. Even with such relatively low temperatures, I still get those damn glitches.
  10. I've also recently been having this freezing/multicolours.

    However its becoming random now, sometimes straight away when my desktop loads, even idling for several hours or while playing a game. So not sure whether its due to GPU stress/overheating or not :/

    Im running a geforce 8800 gts 512 on dual monitors
    Windows Vista 64bit Home
    Asus Maximus Formula motherboard
    5gb ddr2 RAM
    4 sata drives (3 x 500GB, 1 x 1TB)
    550 Watt Antec Neopower powersupply.
  11. Those distortions are due to heat or an unstable clock speed on your GPU. (on a side note the green distortions look like something from space invaders)

    You should be getting those distortions at 70C so my guess would be to try removing your overclock or underclocking it. Whats happening is in the newer games your GPU gets more heavily loaded and yours is "freaking out" which is why you dont see it in older games
  12. I replaced the card with a 5870, and the problems went away. And, for the record, the 295 was at stock clocks anyway.
  13. I'm having the exact same problem with my 8800 GTS. I loaded up Civ5 to try out the new patch, and this happened. I did have this problem one other time maybe a couple weeks ago, but it went away. But it's not going away now. About to install the latest Nvidia drivers, but I doubt it will help. I doubt the card was overheating, but I haven't checked my card temps since the Crysis days, and I don't think it topped at like 80 C, but ordinarily in the 60s or 70s. My computer doesn't even recognize the card now. It might be from reseating it. I haven't had any problems with any games before for the last 3 years I've had this card. I'm hoping to have it last another couple years. I'll be glad if it's just a card issue though.
  14. Installing new drivers didn't work, but I knew it wouldn't. The problem shows up in BIOS and Device Manager isn't recognizing the card and/or drivers. It has 8800 GTS listed but with yellow exclamation point. Luckily, my brother still had his old broken down computer, but the video card still works. I think it's an ATI X800 or something. I put it in my computer, and no more lines on the screen. I'm going to try to use the warranty on my card now and see if I can get it replaced. It's an EVGA and it's supposed to have a lifetime warranty.
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