Having pc issues where should I start looking for the problem

I just moved and I think some part of my pc got damaged in the move the symptoms are as follows and I just wanted to get 2nd opinions of which part of my pc has failed so I know where to start looking when I attempt to repair it.

-I push the power button and the pc comes on for like a second and then just shuts off...sometimes it posts sometimes it doesn't.
Sometimes it makes it to the loading windows screen (the little bar going across) and then shuts off (it has only made it past this point one time in maybe 30-50 attempts since the problem started and on that attempt it did stay on until I turned it off but no matter what I tried I could not get the sound working). Lately it seems to be posting less often maybe only 1 in 15 attempts (down from maybe 1 in 5 when the problem first started) before it shuts off with-in a second of pushing the power button.

-lights and fans all come on when I press power

-I was thinking the power supply was failing but its only about 1 year old (the rest of my pc is about 3years old) and is a reliable pc power and cooling power supply (not that the brand matters but I dunno). But it seems to shut off at the same 3-4 points in booting up every time which makes me question this. Another thing that makes me question this is that if I am able to enter the BIOS setup menu my PC will stay on all day. I got it to this point one night and left it on all night and all day when I was at work the next day and it stayed on the whole time.

Kinda now thinking its maybe my motherboard got damaged in the move for the following reasons
-sound didn't work on my only successful log on attempt and the soundcard is attached to the motherboard-power supply shouldn't effect this.
-the pc stays on indefinitely if I'm able to enter the BIOS setup menu but at soon as I push f10 to save and exit it shuts off (shuts off right after every time)
-the pc seems to shut off at 3-4distint points in booting
1-right away (doesn't post)
2-after the bios logo comes up (very first screen when booting)
3-at the windows loading screen-bar going across (rarely makes it to this point)
4-right after the "press a button now to boot from a CD" and I push a button to do so (if I try to boot from my windows disk)

Am I thinking along the right lines here any input or 2nd opinions would be greatly appreciated and thanks a ton in advance.
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  1. Nice details. Very descriptive and useful. You haven't listed your system components, so making an informative assumption about one particular part will be a stretch. However, it is possible that something became loose during transport.
    Double check all connections and components, make sure they're connected securely.

    Your theory about the failing mobo is interesting and logical, but I am fairly certain that if the mobo was bad, you would be able to boot up at all. The fact that while in BIOS your system is stable, but fails when Windows is trying to load, suggests a hard drive failure.

    The problem with the system not powering up to get into BIOS or POST suggests a possible short. In my experience, I've seen motherboards shorted by faulty add-on video cards, loose screws, and even a hard drive.

    Breadboarding your system can help determine if there is a short and if one particular component is causing your system to fail. Follow the link in my signature, at the end of the troubleshooting guide is very detailed explanation of breadboarding and how to do it.

    Good luck.
  2. So I have gone through the checklist and basically just unhooked different cards and boards until my pc would stay on and not randomly shut off. First I tried the disc drive then the hard drive with no luck but when I took out my video card (gtx 260 core 216) my pc stayed on indefinitely all three times I took it out then put it back in to compare. When in it shuts off when out it stays on. Would this mean that my video card is shorting out my motherboard or that my motherboard is shorting out when something is in the PCIe x16 slot. Basically is it the video card or the mother board that needs to be replaced (I hope its the the video card...its an evga and has a lifetime warrenty)...I have an old video card that I may try if it still works (gtx8600).

    Thanks in advance for any other advise
  3. Very wise deductions. You have narrowed down the short. I'm still leaning toward the video card being the problem (it's more commonly the reason to the problem you're describing). Try out your other card and come back with the results.
  4. It is common for cards to become dislodged when moving a computer particularly the video card, remove the card and refit. If this does not cure the problem then the power supply has probably by coincidence gone faulty test by substitution.
  5. Thanks for all the responses it was my power supply...switched it out with a new one and it worked...guess I need an RMA
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