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Last night I turned off my computer before going to bed same as any other shutdown. This morning i went to boot it and near the end of posting asked me to boot from CD rather then boot from a hard drive. After trying to reboot with no success i went into my bios and checked my boot order. Upon inspection of which hard drive it booted from i discovered none of my HDDs were recognized in my bios. After a in bios reset and a jumper on MB reset i am still failing to recognize my HDDs. I am afraid i fried my Motherboard HDD controllers. For reference Hdds are a seagate 7200.11 500gb (failtastic) and a WD caviar black 750gb, motherboard is a gigabyte GA-ep45-ud3p
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  1. all i can say is swap cables, try one drive at a time with out any cd rom pluged in, check if your sata ports are in ide or raid mode. go grab a pci sata card and see if that works, if it does then its your MB.
  2. Turns out it was the Seagate 7200.11 HDD, they are notorious for bricking. In this case it caused all other sata devices to fail recognition. I am back up and running with 2x750gb in raid 0. But ty
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