ASUS m2n68-am

Is ASUS m2n68-am Motherboard compatible with Intel Core 2 Duo?
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  1. No. Phenom II / Phenom / Athlon II / Athlon64 /Sempron
  2. So If I compare it with Intel Core 2 Duo, which among these processors is a exact match in price and specifications?
  3. Well, you are approaching this backwards. If you want to build an Intel C2D/C2Q, choose the CPU. There are countless boards that support Intel C2D. The MB you chose is a cheap solution budget/workstation board. You could put an AMD PII 965 quad on it. That would wipe out any 8 series C2D performing any advanced tasks. Check the ASUS online product page for the BIOS ver taht supports the processor you plan to use. Really, if you want a C2D/C2Q choose a processor and search for the countless MB's out there to support it.
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