Soundmax integrated digital audio - XP 32 bit.

I want to record Analog LP records to computer. Will this soundcard record in full stereo? If it will, which input do I use, line-in, or mic? Line-in doesn't work to record. How do I get the Line-in input to work? I will be using a stereo 1/8" adapter to input into soundcard.
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  1. I would think line-in should work. Did you go to the mixer and make the line-in available for input and not muted.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Yes sir, I tried unclicking all boxes, to no success.
    When I first tried using Audio Cleaning Lab software (of course not reading any tutorials) the only input that I could get to work was the Mic. I was never able to get Line-in input to work. I have recently discovered that I was using the wrong 1/8 adapter - mono, not stereo. Maybe that was my problem, maybe not.
    I have also found out recently that you have to go somewhere into windows (Control Panel ?) to turn the Line-in on. Default setting is Mic. Once I get the correct stereo line (adapter) to hook up Hi-Fi system to computer, I think I will be in business. Worse case scenario - hire computer tech to remotely correct computer setting for optimal recording ability.

    For anyone that is also interested in converting LP records to CDs - I have found that almost every soundcard installed in computers DO HAVE capability of recording stereo conversions to CD. You have to have the 1/8 stereo plug to do this. (the difference - mono plug will have one band on plug; stereo will have two).
  3. Good info. I hope it works for you.
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