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Hi All,

I just installed the H60 on my unit. I am running the Phenom II x6 1045t. I went into the bios to check everything after the install. Per the instructions I connected the H60 fan to the CPU fan pins and the Pump to the Sys Fan pins. My readings show that the CPU fan is running about 800rpm and the sys fan (pump) is running at around 4300rpm.

Does 4300rpm seem high? I just thought it did a bit, but I am not familiar with water cooling. My CPU temp is 28-29 degrees which I know is good.

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  1. Without the specs from Corsair it is impossible to guess if the RPM on the water pump is accurate or if it is within spec. However, 28 C is a good idle temp, but what is your stress and load temps?
  2. 4300-4500 rpm is exactly right...Mine runs at 4420-4480 rpm
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