GA-G31M-S2L and locked memory multiplier. Not for 1333 FSB chips?

So I've ordered a Q9300 to pair with a GA-G31M-S2L, and am beginning to think I've made a mistake.

The GA-G31M-S2L apparently has a memory multiplier that is locked at a minimum of 2.66, which is stupid.

But some people have mentioned this restriction doesn't apply to 1333FSB chips like the Q9300. I hope so because it's going to be running with DDR2 667 ram, and if the multiplier is locked at 2.66 then 333x2.66 = 886mhz!

I hope I don't end up having to sell this chip on ebay. I've already figured out it's a bad overclocker, now I find out it might not work at all with this board (which I already have)
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  1. You lost me.
    So...your FSB is 1333 which means that your ram memory runs at 667 (if ratio fsb/ram is 1:1). If you want to OC, you need to increase the fsb but you will need faster ram memories.
    Where did you get the 2.66 number?
  2. >...(if ratio fsb/ram is 1:1)

    That's the thing - the board won't do FSB 1:1. I've already this problem with the E2160 I had in it.

    1:1 would be a 333x2 multiplier, for 667, but the board wants 333x2.66.

    Really my question is...

    Is there some sort of exception made when the BIOS sees the Q9300? Will it run the RAM multiplier correctly when it sees what FSB it requires? I can't believe Gigabyte would make a board that requires you to overclock to the memory. Wouldn't that violate spec or something?
  3. Run cpuz is see what is the speed of your ram right now. This way you can find out if you ratio is 1:1.
  4. I'm not running the system right now, and I know what multiplier has been running at from the BIOS. I just want to know if it is going to try the same multiplier when I put a Q9300 in it.
  5. Changnoi said:

    The GA-G31M-S2L apparently has a memory multiplier that is locked at a minimum of 2.66, which is stupid.

    No. What happens is that the motherboard reads the little SPD chip on the RAM sticks. What you need to do is go into the BIOS and somewhere down where the memory settings start, change the SPD setting from AUTO to manual. When you select MANUAL, you will be able to select from a group of multipliers. Choose the 2.0 setting. You will then see the memory clock setting change to 2 times the FSB.

    At that point, CPUZ will show the memory frequency to be equal to the FSB frequency of 333 MHz.
  6. This board really doesn't have many overclocking options...

    I've decided to sell off the Q6300 and just clock up the E2160. It's at 3.05 ghz with the ddr667 that's in there running at 888 MHz with a big overvolt at 2.2vdimm. I'm kinda hoping this ram kicks it so my friend will get some ddr2-1200 so we can take it higher.

    Anyway, thanks peoples.
  7. Overclocking RAM will not accomplish much. You will get better results running the RAM at a 1:1 FSB:RAM ratio, then tightening the memory timing.
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