Ssd vs three fast baracuda drives in raid 0

anyone have any experience in running these two type of drives and comparing the day to day performance of them?
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  1. Hello Hawaii.

    SSD will beat old fashioned spinner drives hands down.

    The trick is finding the right ones to use in a system. Some are good, others not so good.

    With that said, Spinners are still useful for long time storage. That way when SSD's choke you can rebuild a array of RAID with a hotswap or whatever and not worry about loss.

    With that in mind you need a UEFI (Did I type that right?) Board to take advantage of the 3 Tera spinners available to you.

    Someday we will see three tera SSD's and boy that would be something else.
  2. 3 terrabyte is nice but if i am just going for speed and using raid 0 I won't have enough data to even make the head move if short stroke it.

    3 500 gb drives is plenty of size and if i only use 10 percent of it to short stroke the array its still 150 gb which is larger then any ssd I have owned.
  3. I have used the old Raptor 150's times 4 in a raid 0 array for years. I thought that they were the best ever. And they were. Until SSD's showed up and gamers started loading into newer games before me.

    I ran some drive speed checking, benchmarks and found that my vaunted Raid 0 Raptors have indeed passed by.

    It's interesting you note that you don't use much space. I have seen the same myself.

    Thus you may take advantage of that by trying a small number of SSD's with small capacity in RAID totalling a few hundred gigabytes. You may be able then to outperform more expensive Raids.
  4. yes
    I actually have 4 60gb that I plan to test and then sell.
    they are the vertex plus ones that are the cheapest on the market at that size.
    I have some other stuff on them now i need to move then will give it a try.
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