Geforce 7600 GT, No display monitor

no image on monitor. Computer starts up, power supply fan works, CPU fan works, Attatched side panel fan works. Lights light up, Drive sounds as if working, Boot sounds to start working ('beep' though).... but NO image. Monitor says it's working fine, check connection. Well Connection is fine. What gives? Can't check BIOs if I can't get an image. Is there any one out there who can help???

Monitor :- 17" inch CRT
Power Supply 400W
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  1. Pull the card and inspect the capacitors to see if any are bulging or split.They usually start at the top end,not the sides.Anyways,if the capacitors look ok,then I suggest trying another POWER SUPPLY.This is an issue I've come across a few times in the past and with 1 exception,it was always bad power.The one exception was three blown capacitors on the video card.Goodluck.

  2. Thanx alot man for reply , actually capacitors are ok ... even dude i can hear my window start up sound on speakers( after few min of starting cpu ).. but no display on monitor. but when i start with inbuilt display card. monitor works fine. thats something odd. So should i change my power supply ?? as per 7600 GT card requirement 300W is ok. and i have 400W .. Still i need to change this?? isn't there any alternate for this?? and graphic card work on 17" CRT?? may be that will be issue??? i dont know..but please help me.
  3. you can also attempt to reseat/buff your memory.
  4. done...nothing happend. :(
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