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<$1500 build for HD Vid Edit/photoshop/50% gaming

Last response: in Systems
October 30, 2009 3:09:24 PM

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: 4 days (Monday) BUDGET RANGE: ($1000-1500) After Rebate

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: HD video edits/ special effects, Photoshop, Gaming maybe 50%
PARTS NOT REQUIRED: (keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS) I could use a new better monitor but I could get by a bit if needed.


PARTS PREFERENCES: (I tend to like buying Intel over the years, I think I’m getting a comfort zone with asus and gigabyte (think but I’d like info of proven product/mfg’s from the forum)
I Like mid tower cases for size and portability though I’m concerned about the reality of wanting to dabble and learn about OCing the cpu and heat build up in the midsize case. I’ll have 4 disks soon or upgrades to a couple 2TB later this year.


MONITOR RESOLUTION: ( 1280x1024 for now), I see a 3 monitor crysis in my future after XMAS.

I need to buy this new system quick to get video off a HD video camera for a Memorial Service in 3 weeks and that’s driving my rush to buy.
Budget <$1500 MAX
Need: Midsized Case, PSU, CPU, CPU FAN, MB, Ram, GPU, (no disk)
USE: 50% HD video editing (special effects), 50% gaming, Crysis one monitor now, 3 later.

Where I’m at currently:
CPU: I think I’m in the i7 920 market for the long-term upgrade with the new processors coming out. Though I’m probably really over buying on CPU it seems like a reasonable investment.
MB: Need Help here. I don’t mind investing in something for a good reason. I happen to be looking at the Asus P6T today but being a Noob at this newer level of tech I couldn’t suggest even my 2nd choice. Suggestions. Note: I would like to get with OCing just for the sake of learning this.
Memory: I’m not sure if there are considerations beyond DDR2 and DDR3? I’ve read a few things about getting the default timing of a MB ?? 1600 I think was the example I remember seeing.

GPU: I’m thinking that one ATI Radion 4870 1gig will work till I get more monitors for a 3 screen crysis. My question is sure I might feel the 4870 chip is reasonable for me but who’s board should I buy. HELP! Some boards seem to have better fans or louder fans or just plain run cooler.

Over Clock: I have the desire to try OCing with this hardware to give it a try and learn. When I looked at the asus MB I saw the rampage II extreme. That board seemed to be really cool…practical?....needed?? but being able to meter directly off the board and change the OCing on the fly were cool features. But the cost was sky high and not so good.
Case: At the moment I think I’m favoring the NZXT Tempest or Asus 300. Should I be looking at something else. I have a guilty pleasure of liking the blue or red fans and the window on the side.

PSU: Corsair CMPSU-750TX, (FYI, I’m planning to have 3-4 Disks on the system as I need 2-4 TB within the next year. Maybe in a raid config.

I would love to get some help. If someone would be willing to just exchange some email that would be cool too. I really need to try and order this weekend or early next week.

Thanks for any help folks. This is a great forum.
October 30, 2009 7:06:24 PM

Buying a 4870 and replacing it two months later isn't really a good plan.
Just get a 5850 now.

This ASRock board get's you lot's of space between the two X16 PCI-E slots, and costs less than the P6TD Deluxe.

As far as RAM goes, you'll be wanting low timings first and frequency second. Probably this Mushkin given prices today:

Or you can cut costs here:

You may want to buy RAM fast because prices are soaring.

i7 920 and CPU cooler

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November 18, 2009 4:22:16 PM

Proximon said:

As far as RAM goes, you'll be wanting low timings first and frequency second. Probably this Mushkin given prices today:

Or you can cut costs here:

You may want to buy RAM fast because prices are soaring.

i7 920 and CPU cooler

Could you expand a bit on timing and frequency as far as what I would be looking for. I've searched around a bit but I can't find an explaination on what 6-6-6-18 is and it was mentions in the comments on the memory below. I was planning on getting 1600.

Thanks Wayne
November 18, 2009 7:20:02 PM

There are references, but they tend to be a bit technical. Let's just say that lower numbers are better. Some numbers are probably more significant than others, but I won't commit as to which ones. The first number is the most important.

Both the timings and the frequency determine speed, but in different ways. Think of timings as responsiveness and speed as RPMs... however, it's been shown over and over again that the frequency has almost no bearing on speed, but timings do.

So you don't see any difference going from 1333 to 1600, as far as speed. 1600mhz DOES however give you more flexibility when overclocking.

Generally, you can underclock 1600 CL8 memory down to 1333 CL7... So in a way the two are the same, and you might overclock the 1333. But it's better to buy RAM that you know will do the higher frequency.... as long as you keep timings the priority.