Computer Shuts Down automatically!

I dont know whats the reason, because during day time when i use to play games, surf on net, it does not shuts down, but at night when i go to sleep @ PC is ON, when i wake up in 4-5 hrs it shuts down itself, it did not happen before. ny help people!

I have 7 Ultimate @ Geforce 9400 GT so i doubt any overheating issue.
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  1. It's probably going into sleep or hibernate mode.

    Check the "Power Options" in the Control Panel. You can set how long of an inactivity period before your computer powers off its display and puts itself to sleep.
  2. it just not goes to hibernate mode nor sleep, it just shuts down :(

    Previously it did not happen, but from past 3 days it is happening, i will check what you said :) i

    BTW i have checked what u said and its in BALANCE MODE and TURN OF TO SLEEP - NEVER.
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