Suggest Memory for D865GSA -Pentium D 805 2.66Ghz

Have any body used 1GB DDR400 pPC3200 memory on this configuration?

Mobo Intel D865GSA max 2GB mem 800MHz.
Processor Pentium D 805 2.66Ghz, FSB 533MHz.

According to Intel support non ECC, DDR 333( limited by processor bus) PC2700
front 64*8 back 64*8 memory device only suites.

Have anybody tried DDR 400 on this kind combination?
what if I install DDR400?

What will happen if my RAM speed is more than Processor.
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    what if I install DDR400?

    Nothing much. RAM is backwards compatible. If OCing the procesor PC3200 will give you a little to work worth at the top end if needed (which is not likely even at 4GHz). PC3200 400MHz. requires slightly more voltage. The MB VR's should have no problem providing the required voltage.
  2. Even installing PC2700 (DDR333) mem is overclocking, and suggested by Intel.
    The question is if I install DDR400(pc3200) mem how much overclock, i mean Volt and
    what about cooling option, will my Processor fan take care of it without much noise.
    What are the implications in long run by OCing.

    I am novice to this OC thing, What will be corresponding proceesor performance from 2.66GHz.
    What will be temperature?
  3. Here is a great article which address the overclocking ability of the Pentium 805-D. I still have mine running today.,1253-2.html
  4. will this Take DDR 333Mhz pc 2700 but high density memory?
    Have any body tried high density DDR1 PC2700?
  5. Yea it will, in fact i am using DDR 400 512 mb x 2 at present in my system.
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