Broke my GPU? Please help me...

So, I downloaded this program called Nvidia Inspector on my Samsung RF511-S02. Today, I decided to try to overclock my GPU. For some stupid reason, I decided to put it to the maximum advised limit. Please don't critize me. I know it was stupid. As soon as I hit save, the screen froze. I waited a bit, then shut the computer down manually. Maybe I shouldn't have waited, since the fan started getting higher and higher.
The computer tried to boot again, but failed, after which I hit the button again. When I hit the button, the screen immediately went to the log on screen, it didn't go through the stage where you can boot BIOS, which is very weird.
However, now the computer is not recognizing the graphics card and I'm heartbroken by the idea that I could have destroyed my GPU... :((

Please, please help me.

My stats:
Samsung RF511-S02
i7 2630 QM @ 2.00 GHz
Nvidia 540M with 1GB dedicated
500 GB 5400rpm Hard Drive
Samsung RF511/RF411/RF711 10 HX Motherboard
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  1. Never-mind... I rebooted another time and it works. Thank God.
  2. Never should overclock your CPU or GPU in a laptop. They don't have the enough ventilation for that.

    Unless maybe when 22nm cpu's come :D
  3. What if I took off the casing on the bottom and put a fan on the bottom? :o :whistle:
    Actually that could be a viable solution, couldn't it? I was already thinking of getting my fan and then putting the intake side of the fan near the vent (or vice versa, with the blowing side near the intake of the laptop) :D
    What do you think?
  4. No the laptop gpus do not have adequate voltage regulation, heat sinks, and overall thermal solutions to tolerate OCing. Just exposing it to more air does not solve the problem of getting the heat generated into the air and carried away.
  5. Refrigeration? :D

    I know that's ridiculous but, is that a viable option? I mean, how come no one has ever tried?
  6. Asp184 said:
    Refrigeration? :D

    I know that's ridiculous but, is that a viable option? I mean, how come no one has ever tried?

    Laptops are designed to be portable. How portable is a refrigerator?
  7. yes (i know its not portable then) but would it work?
  8. There are third party laptop coolers. The sit under the Lappy and and a layer of cooling. If you want a gaming Laptop go buy one from Alienware or some other model designed for it. However you still pay the premium for portability. Any self built $600 PC will wipe a lap at twice the price.
  9. @egible Well, I mean more of a cooling pad. I know there are already cooling pads made but they all use fans, not refrigeration. The only thing is that refrigeration uses lots of energy... However, I'm sure better cooling systems could be made with just fans... like tubes that could be put near the intake and outtake vents that would push air through really fast, and maybe would chill the air slightly... That would be much more effective than current cooling pads. Like, I was looking at a review online of a laptop cooling pad and there was guy who did a super detailed test of the cooling properties of the pad and, although it was a really good pad, I think the maximum difference it made was like 3-5 C (a 5 C change is like 10 degrees...) What good does that do? Not much!

    I think Dogsnake said something like what I said but I couldn't tell because the writing was sort of jumbled...
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