Power Supply Selection for Asus Striker II Extreme

Hi Guys!

Would appreciate if someone can guide me in getting a PSU for a new Asus Striker II Extreme with following specs. This is a budget base system so far

1) Asus Striker II Extreme
2) nvidia 9800 GT
3) Cooler Master V8
4) Seagate Sata 1TB + Seagate Sata 320GB
5) Samsung DVD RW/ Combo
6) USB Mouse/ Keyboard/
7) USB external hard disk

i tried using online psu calculators but i need to be sure, and my search didnt bring up any fruitful results

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  1. The official Nvidia recommendation for one 9800GT video card is a 400 watt power supply.

    For a budget system with just one 9800 GT video card the Corsair CX400 power supply would be an appropriate choice:

    Corsair has a reputation for high quality power supplies. They consistently earn high marks in technical reviews. They are stable, reliable, and come with a 5 year warranty in the USA.
  2. Thanks Johnny,

    I am thinking of installing Q9550 processor with Cooler Masters V8 cooling solution. I will be over clocking this baby as well *(will be my first time ever) SATA HDD's are a 320 GB & 1TB Seagate 7200rpm & external USB free agent.

    Do you think CX400 will be able to cut it, reason why i ask is while searching for this answer the online PSU calculators i ran into all gave me different results varying from 480 - 590... which made my head go :pt1cable:
  3. Best answer
    The answer to your question is yes. The Corsair CX400 can power your system.

    The online power calculators and video card manufacturers are actually overestimated because the manufacturers are aware people inists on using low budget low quality power supplies of questionable performance and value.
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