MSI x58 pro-e wont post.

I am building a new pc and the bios will not post and boot. There is not a display or image on my monitor either. The motherboard is the MSI x58 pro-e, the cpu is an i7 980x and the video card is the sapphire 5850 and a 700 watt psu. When i power it up i hear 10 short beeps followed by 5 long beeps. If i remove the usb keyboard then on the post there are no beeps but the system will cycle endlessly trying to post. Is there a short, or ram, mobo failure here? Or is the 980x unsupported becuase the bios has not been updated. Would an unsupported bios cuase 10 short beeps and 5 long beeps and not display and image and cause the the post to cycles endlessly?
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  1. Hmmm a $1000 CPU on a budget motherboard is generally a bad idea. I might buy an MSI video card but no way a motherboard. Gigabyte or ASUS and a good one with that CPU. That is just a personal opinion of course but I would bet more will agree than disagree with me on this one.

    Have you tried everything in the list?

    It very will could be BIOS and the only way to get around that would be to boot with a supported chip and flash to the newest one.
  2. I have tried everything on that list, i still get the ten beeps and i cant narrow it down to the exact cuase
  3. Probably either a bad MB or BIOS then. Most likely BIOS in my opinion because that is not the newest MB on the market.
  4. I inserted an i7 930 and it booted. Updating the bios now, i hope it was just the bios and that i didnt damge the cpu.
  5. I seriously doubt you damaged the CPU. You should be good after the update.
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