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I'm trying to attach a second fan to the scythe mugen 2 cpu cooler. I attached the first one with a clip, but only one came with the CPU cooler. I've looked online to buy another clip but any website that carries them is sold out. I've done some searching on Tom's and google but so far I've been unable to decide how people normally attach a second fan. Secondarily I've been reading conflicting things about push/pull. I don't really care about noise, but is there any real benefit?
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  1. Normally you run push-pull the fans at a slower speed to get comparable cooling with less noise.
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    One issue will be how to power and monitor it. The normal 3-pin mobo CPU_FAN connector provides + 12 vdc on the red line with black as Ground (0 vdc), and reads the fan's speed from the yellow line. Based in a temperature sensor built into the CPU, the BIOS will (if you let it) control the voltage to the fan, thus controlling speed and cooling. The potential trouble is the speed measurement signal coming back from the fan. IF you hook up TWO fans to this one mobo connector, just do NOT connect the YELLOW lead from the second fan. Connecting red to red and black to black will power both fans (twice the current draw, but not likely a problem). Leaving only one fan's yellow lead connected allows the BIOS to monitor that one fan's speed as normal, although the other fan's speed simply will not be checked.
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