Can't adjust fan speed of my GPU? o.O

I have a Calibre Sparkle GT 240 1GB GDDR5. After looking around a bit on the web, I realized that it has a 2 wire fan so I can't adjust fan speed anyway. Tried using MSI Afterburner. No luck. Herein lies me problem. Its temperature when its idle is 47C which is pretty nice. But the moment its under load, like when I play Alan Wake, its temperature immediately, within first 5 minutes of play soars to 96-100C which is so not acceptable!

GPUZ shows the fan speed as 0%. Is it supposed to be that way? Before I get into cleaning the card, I want to ask if there could be a defect with the fan itself so I'll return the card and ask for a replacement. Its just 3 months old.

I'm using the latest 295.73 drivers by NVIDIA. All help much appreciated :)
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  1. I may be mistaken, but I think you need 3 or 4 pin fans in order for programs to read the % or rpm speeds.

    The best thing to do is listen closely when you load the gpu and see if you can hear the fans ramp up. If you are hitting those temps, you should easily hear the fans.

    If you don't hear them, I would expect that you have a defective card.
  2. I tried running furmark and within 10 secs temperature shot up to 92C and kept increasing :o I shut it down. Couldn't hear fan though, :ouch: Will open the pc case this evening and see it for myself and keep you updated. I tried under clocking the card but no use.
  3. Okay the fan works and I did a thorough cleaning. No luck yet. What now? Try and apply thermal paste and all to my gpu? Btw its not a BIOS issue right? Cards having 2 pin fans always show the fan reading as 0%?
  4. Is your card under warranty? If so, I would RMA it. I think that if you take the card apart, you void your warranty.

    No, I don't think it would be a bios issue.

    Cards with 2 pins don't register rpms to the mobo. So they would not show a result at all which would make the monitoring program default to 0%.
  5. Okay. That was helpful. Last thing even though its a bit off topic- Gpuz and MSI Afterburner show a rapid difference in temperature reading. GPUz shows 78C-85C under load and MSI Afterburner shows 105 under load :P which one to trust?
  6. Download CPUID HW Monitor and get a third opinion.

    If two match, the third is most likely off.
  7. Thanks. I think I'll RMA it then. Damn Alan Wake making my GPU reach 100C in 5 minutes!
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