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I am running 1 remote server, (server 2003), 4 terminals, (XP Pro), 4 printers, (all using NETGEAR PS101 mini print server on all). This is part of a batch file that I use from all the terminals:

@echo off
net use /delete * /y
net use lpt2: \\PS399322\P1 /PERSISTENT:YES
net use lpt3: \\PS3B5732\P1 /PERSISTENT:YES

I have had no trouble with this for the past year until last week the,"net use lpt3: \\PS3B5732\P1 /PERSISTENT:YES", started to return a system error 66, (The network resource type is not correct). 3 out of 4 terminals return this message and will not connect. I can't work out why one will and the others will not.

When I type,"net use" and ,"net view", I can see the printer no worries. The name hasn't changed, which would be the obvious problem. I was careful to use the default names from the print servers because they are prone to default back to them anyway. I thought that maybe AVG might have started to block this for some reason but AVG assure me that this would not happen. When I turn off the firewall on all machines and AVG the command will still not execute anyway. If this failed on all machines I would think that the print server was on its way out , the fact that it still executes on one really confuses me.
I have been searching flat out now for a week now with no luck, can anyone help me?
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  1. My network is now working as it should, net use LPT3 is connecting just fine. What was the solution? A power blackout
    I use NETGEAR PS101 mini print servers and I do recall reading on someones post somewhere that they can overheat easily. My office is air conditioned to freezing point so I didn't think that it would be a problem. Obviously I had turned everything off, restarted the terminals etc when troubleshooting the above problem. The key was the length of time the power was off. About 15-20 minutes should do the trick. I can't believe that this was such a simple fix, I was pulling my hair out for far too long.
    Hope this helps someone else.
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    If you have a brown out or anything that affects the power, print servers can hang and while they may show available, they need a power cycle.

    Over heating is always a potential issue too. If they collect dust after months, they'll start heating up more and more.
  3. Thanks for that,
    I appreciate the heads up.
    We do get a lot of brown outs, I guess that is why I could see the print server but not connect to it until after a black out.
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