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I was looking through the 890s cause I am going to buy one here in the future. I have only begun to look through them and so far from what I read the crosshair 4 looks better than the gd70. But there is still the GA-890FXA-UD7 and the Crosshair 4 extreme, and from what I have heard, people are holding out for them.

I planned on the GD70 but after a few articles and forums I think I am also going to wait for the GA-890FXA-UD7.
I wanted to hear what others had to say about it, what ever one I get it, I want to get a 1090 with it.
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  1. fine and dandy :) its all upto the consumer. The real question here is "how much are you willing to spend?"

    the crosshair 4 formula/extreme are REALLY pricy mobos...and they are for the elite, or for someone with deep pockets. Gigabyte on the other hand, are a lil cheaper. If your looking into Asus, they'l surely come up with a cheaper board. But that in essence means less features
  2. Quote:
    I wouldn't spend a lot on a 890 because the 790 performs as well and is cheaper. Bulldozer will be out before you know it and it will be a new socket.

    Yeah your right I didn't think to think how long will it be "in", I have no idea when bulldozer is coming but I would assume 2 years.
    I guess the MSI is only 200, and I can either get the 790 or 890, I just figured I would get the newer of the two.

    I guess if gigabyte comes out before I buy I could always consider there ud7. I wouldn't say I am elite or super extreme, but I would say I am a
    enthusiast who is looking to get the best highend for the buck, I am using my student loan this fall to pay for it, so I am planning atleast a
    1500$ setup plus how much I save and I already got a couple hundred, plus I just spent 200 on my new 23" Acer.

    So I am not looking for the most expensive but something comparable for a cheaper, but I want to spend the money where it counts.
  3. Accordingly to Wiki, the Dozers are to come out in 2011ish, so if you plan on buying the new setup then it might be best for a cheaper board.
    I am still debating, but if I get 790 then obviously it be out of date sooner but it wouldn't matter cause I would just get a Dozer Setup, then again if I get the 890, it will last longer, the only problem is it might just be nothing compared to what we will see next year.

    Either way I need to get one, both my desktops are outdated, and my laptop is over 2 years old. I am actually getting it so I can install
    the CS5 Master suite and a few games :) because I need it for my classes lol. I am glad I'm a student cause I am going to get it extremely cheap.
  4. The 890FX is really tempting. I myself already have an MSI 790FX-GD70 but somehow I'm still itching for an 890FX to go with a 1090T. I know it will not be worth the money if I have nothing else to do with the 790FX... Perhaps I just spend the money instead to move my 790FX motherboard to a bigger case to fit a megahalem to cool the 1090T when I OC it beyond 4.0Ghz. :)
  5. I wanted what you had, but I have been pushing it back so I could wait for everything to come out, but were still waiting.
    I am going to get the 1090 for sure, its just that I after looking through some stuff I have been leaning away for the MSI 890FXA-GD70.

    Its what I have been wanting but I don't know if I want to spend another 30 bucks on the Formula 4.
    I figured no matter what I get it will be hella good.

    I have read through tons of cooling products and I think I am getting the 212+ cause everywhere it gets pretty much the same as any air cooler.
    My second choices was the megahalem or the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme.
  6. Oh yeah. I totally forgot about the 212. I think it is best bang for buck... Time to review my CPU cooler options...
  7. The Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 and 890FXA-UD7 comes out the 2nd week of March, and like u i'm also waiting for one.

    For cooler i would go for the Tunig or the Megahalems and as a final option, the Hyper 212+
  8. saint19 said:
    The Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 and 890FXA-UD7 comes out the 2nd week of March, and like u i'm also waiting for one.

    For cooler i would go for the Tunig or the Megahalems and as a final option, the Hyper 212+

    Do you mean the second week of May???

    Well I have checked several places and the 212+ is always with in a few degrees of the rest, so if paying double then what you would for it, just for less than a 10* difference, then its up to you. I personally would like to get a nice black one to match everything, but the black version of the megahalems is more, not to mention if you want it for an AM3, then your
    talking about another 10-15$ for the mount for either the black one or regular one.

    I really like the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme, it is actually shorter than most, but that doesn't matter on my case(Cm 692 AD.) cause I am getting the optional side panel. Its stylish, black, plus on some sites it was rated the coolest air cooler
    for AM3. I rather get a air cooling for now, and can any wc loops or H50.
  9. Yeah sorry, 2nd week of May.

    The hyper 212+ is very good, I have one and I can get 4.0GHz.
  10. Yeah Toms did a review, and if there is any place I can trust its toms articles. For price/performance the 212+ is quite the bargin. I would only get the Tuniq Tower 120 if
    I had a little to spare and want a little more. I was looking forward to the new HAF X and LanBoy but the CM 692 Advanced is such a good deal.

    Anyways I can't for the whole lineup of the 890s, I personally would be satisfied with any of them and the GD70 is probably a good suit for me. I just don't know if
    the CH 4 is worth the 30 extra schillings. The 1090 is obviously the way to go with the Thubans and is probably more than I need but hey it will be worth it.
  11. Do you check the Gigabyte 790FXTA-UD5?, is a very good mobo and less expensive that the GD70.
  12. I actually didn't really look into the 790 gigabytes, I was waiting to see the 890 ones. Hey since it has sata 3 and usb 3 it could possibly be the one I get.
    I heard gigabytes are the best for OCing and just overall the best if your looking for highend.
  13. Yeah, the best for OC is Gigabyte.
  14. It does have nice features and has a good reputation for being an outstanding company for enthusiasts.
    I have had a few people say against MSI but I have never heard anyone say anything negative about gigabyte.
    I think I will read more into it, its hard to pick but either way I will win.
  15. MSI and ASUS are good too, but the big boss is Gigabyte. U can take a look of many OC contest and the main sponsor is Gigabyte.
  16. but the overclocking winner is always Asus :) - if you dont belive me google it. Though for those home grown OC'rs - gigabyte is friendlier as is Asus. Just that Asus's boards are nice to look at in a cool case but they come at a price.
  17. Well once the rest of the AM3 boards come out we will have a better understanding of what to get.

    I personally like the MSI GD-70, but if I can get a board with a better bios and better OCing features then i would consider another.
    From what I have gathered the Asus is used by the extreme enthusiasts who want the best of the best while gigabyte is mainly used as a cheaper alternative.

    I wouldn't mind any of them and would just like to get what ever is the best for the money. Since the CH 4 is more cash I would only get it if it had something the
    others didn't. I am probably going to end up with the MSI, but I am going to make sure I make an informed decision.
  18. :) good.

    N.B # MSI arent good with overclocking - they are reviweed in most forums as user friendly, but i've actually come across ppl who nag of its complexity
  19. Yeah I should look into the Gigabytes because they seem to have a user friendly bios that is probably better for me. Even though a complex one can be solved, its better to have a bios that can be used without hassle. The boards all seem to be in line without any big issues. I think the one that was showed to me earlier is actually really nice, but I want to see what the newer ones have in store.
  20. Lutfij said:
    :) good.

    N.B # MSI arent good with overclocking - they are reviweed in most forums as user friendly, but i've actually come across ppl who nag of its complexity

    Maybe this is true (MSI arent good with overclocking ) cause I never did get past 3.6Ghz stable on an X3 with my MSI 790FX-GD70 although others did. But in fairness I haven't really pushed it. Perhaps its because I have a small case & only an 92cm cooler. I should get new case & cooler to get the most out of this motherboard.

    I would say that the MSI BIOS is quite user friendly, though.
  21. ^I can get 4GHz with my MSI K9A2 Platinum and my x4 955, really hard to get but was a good OC.
  22. I think 4.0 ghz (Stable) is about where I want to be at roughly, but I am not sure how high the 1090 can get stably.
    If I can get that high w/ a user friendly board then its for me. I do like the GD-70 and am starting to like the Gigabytes just as much.
    The only reason I like more about the MSI is the color scheme.lol.
  23. ^For that we can know the answer this Friday.

    To celebrate the launch of its latest CPU product, AMD is holding a special overclocking event completely live and set up for streaming over the internet. On April 30th, starting at 12 noon Central Time, eight overclocking teams from around the world are going to find out just how fast they can push the new CPUs

    Complete article: here
  24. :) lol, color scheme
  25. Hi again.

    Looking for my RAM on the egg I find this Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5, at the same price that the 790FTXA-UD5 that is out of stock.

    IMO is a very good deal, the price isn't expensive and like I say up Gigabyte is the best for OC.
  26. saint19 said:
    Hi again.

    Looking for my RAM on the egg I find this Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5, at the same price that the 790FTXA-UD5 that is out of stock.

    IMO is a very good deal, the price isn't expensive and like I say up Gigabyte is the best for OC.

    I noticed that to, I thought the 790 were gone, but that 890 is comparable to the GD70.

    I am still having a hard time choosing, cause half my brain like the GD70 while the other likes the UD5/7 plus the Asus.
    I have my whole computer lined out, besides the mobo. I got the TopDirectCu 5850, Cm 692ad, Tuniq Tower EX., HX850, and Ballisitix tracers.
    These all have blue in common so thats kinda why I wanted a blue board, but I don't really care and wouldn't even mind the CrossHair 4.

    so i guess I will keep reading and reading, everything I have picked took me awhile to figure out and swear by them. The memory and mobo
    still need to be picked. I had the Dominators but someone said that that crucial and gskill is just as good for less $, so I chose the blue tracers 4gb.
  27. Nice chose in the RAM, I have 4GB Ballistix Tracer black and are amazing even in OC.
  28. well the dominator that I was going to get was like 150, so I can save like 20-30. I don't remember seeing black, but
    I guess I will just get whatever color matches when I buy.

    I forgot about AsRock, I haven't seem a pic but it seems to have more inputs than the rest according to what I read.
  29. For both mobos the specs seems fine.

    The PCI-E x8 and x4 slots are very similar to the PCI-E x16, the only difference is the speed. If you count the number of PCI-E slots in both mobos, both have 7 slot, and in the pictures u can see the same 7 slots.
  30. When it says that the GD70 has 4 pci slots, its saying there is 4 spots for four graphic cards assuming that you get some that are good.
    Same goes for the 3 slots, its saying you can put 3 cards on it. I always just trust the picture and look at the board to verify all info.

    All current cases mainly only have 7 spots, I saw the HAF X and it would harness 9 I think, that way you could do 4 5850's or whatever.
    So even if I got the MSI the CM692 could'nt handle 4 double slotted cards.
  31. For a 3-way or 4-way SLI or Crossfire u need a very big case, like a Xaser VI (Thermaltake) or a Lancool.
  32. saint19 said:
    For both mobos the specs seems fine.

    The PCI-E x8 and x4 slots are very similar to the PCI-E x16

    I see. It is the first time I see a PCI Express x4 specified separately from an x16. I thought that they always call it x16 with disclaimer that it will downgrade to 4X if you use more video cards for crossfire.

    A theoretical question: So effectively, you can put a video card in the X4 slot and crossfire it with 3 others ( in the case of Gigabyte ) for a 4way crossfire? ( not that anyone in his right mind will do it ).
  33. ^No, the specs of Gigabyte's web page says:

    Support for 2-way/ 3-way ATI CrossFireX™ technology

    U can try the 4-way Crossfire but if u bear in mind that the last PCI-E x16 only can run at x4, the performance in 4-way Crossfire will not very good.

    The UD7 can handle the 4-way Crossfire, because have 2 PCI-E x16 and 2 PCI-E x8.
  34. Got it... Thanks!
  35. Any time. If u have another question go to the other thread I will give support about the UD5 and UD7 (I'm waiting for my UD5)
  36. saint19 said:
    Any time. If u have another question go to the other thread I will give support about the UD5 and UD7 (I'm waiting for my UD5)

    So you would totally recommend the UD5??? I have been leaning towards it more and more and the GD70 seems to be fading out of my want pile.

    Is the UD5 better at overclocking than the GD70, cause I didn't notice any OC dials, but if it has better bios, software and what not then I guess that doesn't matter.
  37. IMO, yeah. Currently I have MSI but not for preference, just because when I bought my current mobo my budget was limited. MSI is high quality too, but not as Gigabyte.
  38. +1 ^^^^^
  39. I was just looking over the boards and the gigabytes have a dual bios and I don't think any of the asuss do. I wan't sure on the MSI but I don't think it does either.
    I now have the gigabyte in my "shoping cart" at newegg with all my parts I plan on ordering. :)
    I really planned on the GD70 but after much consideration I now know that the gigabyte will be a better suit for me. Its definitely the real deal and any other is a more money for nothing better.
  40. ^Right. I'm also waiting for my 890FXA-UD5.
  41. I decided on building this one about 2 months ago and post poned to research and to wair for all these releases. The only thing that I looked into that has not released are the new Cases(lanboy,hafx)
    I am probably going just get the CM 692 AD. because its so cheap and has everything I need and then some.

    I haven't seen any price info on the UD7, but the ud5 looks more than capable for my needs.
  42. The UD7 is XL-ATX and support 4-Way Crossfire.

    I think that the price will be around $220, but don't have sense buy that mobo if u only want run a Crossfire with 2 GPUs.
  43. ^^^ +1 ^^^
  44. Lutfij said:
    ^^^ +1 ^^^

    I think that sums it up, the ud5 for rational "extreme" gaming, and the UD7 for people who either need or want more.
    I really would like three 5850s but I will probably end up with 2 by christmas.

    Since I plan on 1500$ being the target price the UD5 fits perfectly with everything.
    This is it so far, I spent over a month researching. I have already purchased my new Acer H233H 23" and mouse and keyboard for this computer.
    (these are @ NewEgg)
    Light-On DVD Sata
    Cooler Master CM 692 Advanced
    Western D. Caviar Black 640gb
    GigaByte UD5
    Asus EAH5850 DirectCu Top
    Corsair HX850
    Crucial Ballistix Tracers Blue 4gb
    Phenom 1090t BE
    Windows 7 Home 64bit OEM
    4 Scythe Slipstream 120mm fans
    Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme =1556.61 in cart w/ shipping
    Kaze Master Pro 6 channel Controller(@ frozencpu) +48$
    So my student loan is to pay for all these and what ever I can save up for extras or upgrades by August when I get the $$$.
    What I would like to save and get is the Intel X25-Mainstream 80gb, upgrade to the 1tb sata 3 HD, Windows Pro, and get 8gbs of Tracers.
  45. about the case, why dont you look at the HAF 932/922...and see if you can hold out until the Asus ROG 5870 Matrix or until the EAH5870 v2 is in stock. Get the Windows 7 Ultimate edition - it'll be worth the extra, i Use it! its awesome for a mediaPC/HTPC/Gaming rig.

    The SSD's, you can get one now as a boot drive for the OS. 100GB 'll be fine.
  46. This Lancool Dragon Lord could be a better case, or the K60 the only difference is the side window and the LED fans, the K60 don't have it.
  47. I havent bought anything yet. On the case it was just cheap and was like the HAF 932 so I wanted it. I looked through hundreds of cases and have been back and fourth on the subject. I do want a better windows so that would 40$ more.
    Th 5850 seems to be in the right price range and I saw both the 5870s From asus and the V2 is 100 more than the one I got, so the matrix is probably going to be like 500.

    Right now I still don't know how much I will be able to spend. I am getting grant money so 95% of school is being paid now. So with loans I can take out a max per semester and its like 1700, so plus what ever I save, which will be atleast 300 or so cause already got 100.

    THen I forgot about memory and none of tracers are on the list for the UD5's, so I either need to get the eco gskills for 110 or Corsair Dominators for about 130-150.

    So i can look again at these cases but I always end back at the 692 ad. because I ask myself what do these other cases have thats worth the extra $.
  48. Crucial is a very good manufacturer, and that the RAM isn't in the list doesn't mean that don't works with the mobo. Just mean that the RAM wasn't tested with that RAM.

    Currently I have 4GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer for 1 year and a half and until now I has have a few BSoD BUT only for OC not for RAM.
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