HD 5770 or gtx 275?

im looking to replace my dead gts 250

which one is better?
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  1. 5770 has the ability to render in Directx 11 which is where the future goes
    GTX275 is a little bit more powerful but no Directx 11
  2. based on pure performance GTX275 will be better but if you want DX11 stuff get 5770. it's your call :)
  3. i would go for a 5870. but SOME inconsiderate idiots had to buy 2 for crossfire -_-
    now i cant find any....
    now all thats available are 5770 and 5750.
    i want a card that could have a considerable life in my pc.
    Dx11 seems the best choice

    5770 it is.
  4. haha thats unfortunate for you. in my place 5850, 5870 are sitting idly on the shelves. btw good luck with your 5770 :D
  5. I wante the 5870 also but the price premium for it wasnt worth it at the time for me, so I got the 5850 and I upgraded from my nVidia 7950GX2. I looked at every nVidia card possible because I didnt want to go the radeon way, but the 5850 is truly an awesome card.
  6. 5870 and 5850 are available at Frys this weekend(Friday night 116). The store manager stated they expect more shipments to come in next week also to support demand for the upcoming Thanksgiving Sale. Before that for 4 weeks the store shelves were empty of 4890s, 5850s and 5870s.

    5850s for sure are available in the stores. Go for dx11 video card
  7. i deeply recommend you the HD 5870........I got it and i can tell you it is WWWWOOOOOOOWWWWW
  8. Always, ALWAYS go for the higher DirectX version, and THEN start narrowing down for performance.

    Memory and speed make an incremental difference, but being a version behind in DX support is what will make a game not work, period. Every single time I've needed to replace a graphics card, it's been because it's out of date on DirectX or occasionally Shader Model.

    Like others have said, the 5870 is going to be better if you can find it, but a 5770 ought to work fine with anything that comes out in the next 2-3 years. You'll be happy wit hit at least until it's time to get your next CPU.
  9. We are happy with video cards as a function on how it performs with the games we are playing....

    5870 or 5850..

    Its your choice
  10. quicksilver_ said:
    im looking to replace my dead gts 250

    which one is better?

    Um the GTS250 hasn't been out that long. I am sure it is still under warranty. Why not contact the company and have it replaced? What brand is it?

    BTW, the GTX 275 performs better than the 5770. The GTX 275 is the direct competitor of the HD4890.
  11. I would say go for HD 5770, supports DX11 which is 30% faster than DX10, future-proof ftw :) or you can wait for nVidia to release its DX11 GTX 3xx series cards in q1 2010.
  12. I would say that have the GTX 275 (dX 10) and upGrade <if use windows> to windows 7 as it has DX 11

    AAnd I promise U that you will be very happy
  13. Go the 5850 way, I am buying my 2nd one now for crossfire.
  14. quicksilver_ said:
    im looking to replace my dead gts 250

    which one is better?
    i had the hd5770 cucore and its ok card does not like cyrsis at all everything on medium even overclocked on msi afterburner and its so noisey aswell and then it struggled on game play laggy so i took it back and got a bfg gtx275 and after doing a fresh install of windows vista to get rid of the directx 11 i had to install seprate which was a ass to find the gtx275 is lots better
    cyrisis everything on max and res 1680 x 1050
    i would recommend gtx and yeah ok 5770 is directx 11 but what games at the mo use it none reli and when they do come making direct x 11 games it will struggle even more i think lots of frezze ups
    as for mwf2 black ops etc 5770 was fine very good infact but the gtx275 runs it even better as i can run it on extra setting and its fine so go get the gtx275 dont worry about future proof at this time as most games will run on 275 without overclocking and if u do overclock it its a wow
    nvidia over radeon anyday

    i have black phenom quad core 5.8
    4gb ram ddr2
    asus motherboard
    cosair cx750 cpu
  15. lol. learn to look at the post date before making such a long comment
  16. Ha ha ha.
  17. I love it when such old posts are bumped :lol: :lol:
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